“That Doña Yolanda has allowed it, not even kidding”: Rumors assure that Thalía was also harassed by the producer Luis de Llano and a great friend of the singer clarifies it | People | Entertainment

In recent weeks, the name Luis de Llano has become popular on social networks and local media, but not in the best way. The former singer of the group “Timbiriche”, Sasha Sokol accused him of having abused her when she was only a 14-year-old girl. And now, other rumors speak of the television producer harassing Thalía.

Given this, he is one of the greatest friends of the interpreter of “Marimar, he goes out into the ring to talk about what really happened and clarify if Llano really overstepped the Mexican artist, who at the moment does not speak on the subject.

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Thalia was also abused by Luis de Llano?

After Sasha Sokol’s controversial statements against the also music producer, who assures that she was abused by him in adolescence, when she was part of the renowned musical group, many theories emerged on social networks that affirm that the same could happen with the interpreter of “Piel Morena”, detailed Infobae.

The young woman started in the band “Timbiriche” in 1986, and with this band she recorded three albums until she decided to separate three years later, in 1989.

The TV Azteca program “Venga la Alegría” intercepted the designer and great friend of Thalía, Mitzy, and did not hesitate to ask him about the rumors that are trending on social networks.

“That he has tried it, who knows?, but that Doña Yolanda has allowed it, I don’t even think so. Thalía is a beauty and everything, apart from how beautiful they are, they were exposed to many things, ”said the famous designer in charge of making the wedding dress that the singer used at her wedding with Tommy Mottola.

Thalía’s mother always took care of her

Mitzy also assured that he knew a large part of Thalía’s history since he had been there since before “Timbiriche”, so he knew that his mother, Yolanda Miranda, took very careful care of the artist, to the point of not letting her go or to the bathroom alone, since she was aware of how dangerous the environment could be and even more so when she was a “young and beautiful” woman.

“I had to be with Thalía since before “Timbiriche”, Vaselina. But, her mother, Doña Yolanda Miranda, people didn’t love her because she was: ‘My little daughter by the hand and she brought her here, let’s go to the hotel, let’s go here,’ and she was a mother who didn’t let go of Thalia, not even to go to the bathroom, “he added.

According to the designer, the star’s mother did not trust the producer to be close to her daughter, so she prevented this from happening. For this reason, Thalía did not have direct contact with certain people since all pending issues with her were dealt with by her mother.

“I saw that he always treated her well, but whatever Thalía and Doña Miranda dealt with, she said: ‘What is it about?, and Thalía was: ‘Everything you want to talk about, you talk to my mom. he wanted to go, there was Doña Yolanda; eye, eyelash and eyebrow,’” she expressed. (AND)