‘That moment he realizes I’m not Gaga’: Security guard mistakes Lady Gaga for a drag queen (video)

Some people have mastered the art of makeup to such an extent that imitating the features of celebrities often turns out to be child’s play for them. These make-ups also give countless possibilities for pranks. A bodyguard of Lady Gaga has also paid the price.

I am a drag queenI am a drag queen !“You can clearly hear Penelopy Jean say so in viral footage showing her in a Hard Rock hallway Stadium in Miami, Florida. The artist looks very much like Lady Gaga, who is performing that night.

The resemblance is so striking that other fans think the real singer is standing in front of them. Eyes shining and phones in their hands, they crowd around the “Lady Gaga of theAldi“, as Jean humorously calls himself.

It’s not just the fans Penelopy John fooled. A security guard, whose sole purpose is to protect the singer, rushes to escort her. Before realizing that he is mistaken about the person he is protecting. Her face is so expressive that her reaction has gone viral on social media.

One thing is certain, the real Lady Gaga can be reassured. She can see through this video that she can really rely on this bodyguard, ready to do anything to protect her.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/un-agent-de-securite-confond-lady-gaga-avec-une-drag-queen-video–1404012.aspx