That would await him in prison

Today it gets serious for tennis legend Boris Becker. The 54-year-old now faces several years in prison, which he would have to serve in an English prison. Becker’s lawyer, Burkhard Benecken, knows that not even a touch of luxury awaits him there. “He won’t find the luxury he’s used to there. On the contrary: English prisons are considered particularly hard, ugly and anything but luxurious. Some people can argue about English cuisine anyway. There is German clients who have hardly eaten anything there for months. For example, they serve bacon with eggs in a way that can only be described as mud,” he told Bunte.

Physical attacks on Becker possible

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The worst thing, however, is the willingness to use violence on the part of the inmates. “What you can say in general: On the one hand, celebrities behind bars have advantages because they are admired by fellow prisoners and get extra coffee from one or the other, which has a high value behind bars or are generally treated preferentially. On the other hand, you are treated as a celebrity quickly become an object of attack. It can quickly happen that a fellow prisoner wants to make a name for himself, even if only within the institution, and attacks the celebrity because of it.” Benecken also doesn’t give Becker false hopes. Early release is unlikely. More on that shortly…