That’s his secret to weight loss success

We all know it: the good old New Year’s resolution to finally do something for yourself. Eating healthier, exercising more, taking care of mental health. However, while most people throw this resolution overboard again after a few weeks, he put it into practice: GZSZ star Thomas Drechsel (35). The TV darling has lost an incredible eleven kilos within three months! And best of all, he revealed his weight loss secret in an interview.

GSZS-Star: He has already lost 30 kilos

“I’ve been working on myself a bit lately,” says the actor modestly in the “GALA” interview. A little is probably an understatement, because Thomas has changed a lot visually since his GZSZ debut in 2009. Five years ago he lost thirty kilos and then gained eleven kilos again – “just happens”. But at the beginning of the year he wanted to start again to feel really comfortable in his body. With success: In the meantime, the remaining pounds have dropped. But what is Thomas’s weight loss secret?

“I haven’t forbidden anything in the last three months”

“I try to eat relatively clean, so leave out fats and sugar,” Thomas explains to “GALA”. He mainly eats natural foods, i.e. all those that do not have a list of ingredients. But: “I haven’t forbidden anything in the last three months. If I wanted to eat something, I ate it,” writes Thomas on Instagram. “The renunciation only makes you hungry for more. So I enjoyed everything I wanted – but in moderation.” Then there is movement – ​​and the right one at that. So the ones that are really fun. “In the first week, I exercised twice, but I quickly gave up. I didn’t want to spend my time in the gym. Instead, I regularly took long walks to keep myself active.” And another factor has helped him on the way to his ideal weight.

Mental health is the be-all and end-all

In the past, the actor compensated for his emotional problems by eating a lot. “Back then I said that I filled a void with food,” admits Thomas in an interview and explains: “Whenever I lay on the sofa, I ate my fill and pushed away all the problems, so to speak – in the end it was in The only problem at the moment was that I was stuffed.” He’s now facing his fears, so he’s also mentally healthier and happier. “It’s nice to be your own priority again. And just having fun doing something good for yourself again.”