That’s how big and handsome his twins look

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have three beautiful children India, and twins Sasha, and Tristan, forming a beautiful and solid family with more than 10 years of marriage.

The couple is one of the most stable and inspiring characters of the show, who after 12 years of marriage are very much in love and show that they are funniest dads and fitness.

Chris and Elsa they have always protected the identity of their children, and avoid showing their faces online.

The actors do share part of their vacations and family outings, allowing their children to be seen, but only from behind or covering their eyes.

However, they recently let them see at the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder in Sydney, showing off their faces and great style.

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Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky show their twins for the first time

The explosive couple He posed on the red carpet with his 8-year-old sons Sasha and Tristan, revealing how big and handsome they are, and surprising fans.

They both posed with a tailored suit, one in a dark blue tone and a white shirt, with long hair, and the other with short hair, a tailored suit and a black shirt.

Sasha and Tristan wore comfortable sneakers, looking as handsome as his father and with a lot of personality.

“Wow, how great your children are”, “I love how beautiful your children are”, “they are as handsome as their father”, “these children are gallant”, “you cannot expect less beauty from Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky”, and “What a beautiful family, the most perfect”, were some of the reactions in networks.

The actor constantly shows how much fun his kids have, and how much they are fans of his Thor character, and even accompany him to the set from time to time, revealing that he is the coolest dad of all.

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