That’s how difficult it is for her daughter to move out

Mariella Ahrens’ eldest daughter has moved out of their home. With honest words, the actress describes how much she has to nibble on this change.

Isabella Maria von Faber-Castell, the eldest daughter of Mariella Ahrens, fledged at the age of 23. The actress revealed this to “Bild” in an interview. “Isabella and I lived together for 23 years. We fought our way through many situations together, especially when she was little and I was a single parent with her,” says the 53-year-old.

That is why the bond between the two women is particularly strong. Her younger daughter Lucia still lives with her. “Due to the change model with my ex-husband Patrick only every other week,” explains Ahrens. “Men come and go, but my daughter was always there.” It is a big step for the mother of two to have to let go now. “It’s always been difficult for me to let go, even with men,” says Ahrens.

Girls flat share ended

She is happy for her daughter. Nevertheless, she is “deadly sad because our girls’ flat share is now coming to an end,” says Ahrens. In the future, she must make an appointment with the 23-year-old.

Isabella comes from Ahrens’ relationship with a Croatian entrepreneur. In 2006, Ahrens married Patrick Graf von Faber-Castell. After the wedding he adopted Isabella. The two also have a daughter, Lucia. She is 15 years old. The couple has been divorced since 2015.