That’s how much pension the former late night star gets

Harald Schmidt is financially secure, isn’t he? The former late-night star talks about his small pension on the occasion of his upcoming birthday.

Harald Schmidt will be getting his pension in the near future. Now he even reveals that it will be exactly 272 euros. “I’ll collect that too, I’ve paid in, I’m entitled to that,” said the entertainer and actor of the German Press Agency.

Schmidt, who celebrates his 65th birthday on Thursday, August 18, explained: “It’s not charity, it’s a deal I made with the state. Give it to me!” He was, and still is, a freelancer most of the time, but he’s been “fully paid up for 15 years,” which at least entitles him to this “mini-retirement,” the former late-night show host continued.

“Eight months left” until retirement

In this regard, Schmidt also revealed: “When I was in the theater and still today, when you work for ZDF, you have to work on an income tax card. I’m also a member of the Bavarian Insurance Association, which is a useful institution for actors, because in my industry yes but many get confused with the terms gross and net.”

However, the statutory “mini pension” has probably not landed in his account so far. Because Schmidt emphasized that he believes that it will take “eight more months” before his statutory pension begins.

Harald Schmidt said goodbye to television eight years ago with his late-night show. Since then, Schmidt has been doing theater from time to time. In September, for example, the play “Die Dubarry” celebrates its premiere at the Vienna Volksoper, in which he plays King Ludwig XV. is on stage. Schmidt can also be seen as a celebrity coach in the recently released Amazon streaming show “One Mic Stand”. He had “more than enough” to do, he recently told the editorial network Germany. “I’m just not in this hamster wheel anymore.”