That’s how she really stands by Michael Wendler

  • There are many rumors about the relationship between Adeline Norberg, Michael Wendler and Laura Müller
  • Last year, the student moved out from her father and his wife
  • Did Adeline cut ties?

Adeline Norberg: Did she flee from Michael Wendler & Laura Müller?

Since the separation of her parents Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg, Adeline Norberg has stood between the chairs. The relationship of the former couple has been considered cold, especially since the hit star has been in a relationship with Laura Müller, who is 28 years younger. At the time, Adeline decided to stay with her father and his new partner in Florida. But Michael Wendler has long since ceased to be the celebrated hit star, and the criticism of his conspiracy theories does not seem to have left his daughter untouched either. reigned long Radio silence on her Instagram accountAdeline seemed to have withdrawn completely, meanwhile the profile has even been deleted.

She commented on that scandal about her father never. But there are several indications that the relationship between the two is not exactly the best. Wendler is said to have missed Adeline’s graduation from high school in the spring of last year. Shortly thereafter, Adeline moved out to study in Los Angeles. Only Mama Claudia is said to have helped her move. Evil tongues even claimed that the 20-year-old had fled from her father and his wife.

loss of contact? This detail speaks volumes

But is the relationship between Wendler and his daughter really as broken as it seems? Probably not! The student not only seems to get along well with her father, but also with his wife. Because Laura not only runs her OnlyFans account diligently, lately she has also been hearing more about herself on Instagram. In her current story, the former “Let’s Dance” participant sits in front of her dressing table and fools around to music. The spicy thing: in the clips marked she Adeline’s profile. In the meantime, the blonde has created a private account on which, it seems, only selected users may follow.

Whether Adeline is visiting Florida and Laura is in the videos for one side trip messed up with her stepdaughter? Who knows… fact is that at that moment she was thinking about Adeline and in a pretty good mood!

Source used: Instagram