“That’s torture”: Jana URKRAFT Pallaske becomes a pseudo-revolutionary in the jungle

Updated on 01/23/2023 at 11:47 p.m

  • Anyone who thought that after Tessa was thrown out would calm down in the jungle probably didn’t expect Jana URKRAFT.
  • The otherwise reserved actress is now speaking up for the first time – and almost starts a small revolution.
  • This is what happens on day 11 of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!”.

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Was with yesterday Tessa Bergmeier kicked out the wrong candidate? If it were up to the jungle candidate Jana URGENT, the answer would have been a resounding yes. Because the actress had actually hoped to be free on day 10: “I had the feeling that I wouldn’t, but it was nice to feel the sweet scent of freedom for a few moments.”

For them the measure is full. “What takes place here is no longer human,” Jana begins her little revolutionary speech. “Certain rights, certain things that happen, that’s torture.” One can no longer accept all this. The 43-year-old sums it up: “What is happening here is simply inhuman, sick, pathetic.”

Lucas Cordalis tries to cheer her up: “You know what helps me? The situation is tough, but I just tell myself how tough this is making me.” But somehow this tip doesn’t seem that helpful for Jana: “You’re different. I stand more for the female principle. My job is to stand for exactly that in this world – with all vulnerability. My measure is overflowing.”

In the end there is only one solution for them: burn the smelly towels. However, the actress cannot really convince her fellow campaigners. Daddy’s Loveday has had enough of her pseudo-revolution and thinks: “We don’t die here. If I want to go home, then I have to go. Then say the sentence and then you lose everything. You always have a choice.”

Papis gives Jana URKRAFT a drum ban

However, the proposed towel burning is not the only moment on day 11 when the actress – who had been rather reserved, calm and taciturn at the camp – raises her voice.

When everyone is sitting around the campfire and she wants to keep the troupe awake with drums, Papis complains: “I don’t think we need that, Jana.” She reacts quite offended and says: “We try to stay awake. You sang a song the whole time yesterday and we let you be. You can also say it nicer if I try something to get the mood going to lift.”

For Jana, the topic is not over yet – and is looking for a comrade-in-arms Jolina Mennen an ally. “He’s definitely lost my vote for the king of the jungle – forever,” says Jana, describing papis as a “mushy diva.” His drum ban is a no-go for her.

Jolina agrees and also rails against the model: “It annoys me when I eat that he’s only been doing it for a week and a half. I also enjoy cooking – I would also be happy to do something for the group. Claudia does it fun too. And if you want to help, you’re just doing it wrong in his eyes.” Will the second attempt at a revolution start here soon?

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Redeflash at the pond: Cosimo pours out his heart

However, when faced with Cosimo, Jana URKRAFT shows her usual quality again: silent and smiling. But that could also be because the “Checker vom Neckar” is suddenly overwhelmed by an impenetrable and emotional flash of speech. The pond and the actress seem to be a suitable environment for the 41-year-old to pour out his heart.

Day 11 at camp. Jana URKRAFT Pallaske and Cosimo Citiolo are chatting at the pond.

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“Sometimes I wish I could be like you – so relaxed and not always reacting to everything,” confesses Cosimo. It’s good that she can still laugh like that and doesn’t take things so personally. “I respect that. In the end, we’re all competitors here,” said the reality TV star about Jana. “You have a good aura there. I always wanted to tell you that.”

Jan thanks you. And just when she wanted to add something, Cosimo continued his speech flash. Among other things, he is concerned with the time after the jungle camp. “If someone here says, when we’re out, we’ll go eat together. That’s not true. I know it. I was in the summer house. There were also couples there, and later when I watched the episodes I realized that they were just taking advantage of us .”

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