That’s what jungle queen Djamila does with mega profits

Fate is kind to her. Because although Djamila Rowe was originally only planned as a substitute candidate for the jungle camp, it was she who won the 100,000 euro prize! But what does the Berliner do with the mega sum?

fridge and printer

100,000 euros for a printer and a fridge! Of all things, the jungle queen Damila Rowe (55) would like to treat herself to her 100,000 euro prize. But the Berliner is also planning a trip with her loved one: she would like to travel to New York with her son Jeremy (25) and daughter Jayda (13). The profit should be there for their two children!

Djamila to BILD after her victory: “I could never afford a real vacation with both children! That’s why I fought my way through here. So that I can finally do something with my children.”

Planned as a replacement candidate

The Berliner had been hoping for a jungle camp participation for ten years. This year Djamila was actually only planned as a substitute candidate. But fate was kind to her. Because candidate Martin Semmelrogge (67) should not enter Australia. So the 55-year-old got her chance. And she used it too!

For a better life for her children, she fought her way to the jungle crown. In hopes of victory, she allowed herself to be showered with stinking leftover meat and fish innards. Because: “As a single mother, I didn’t always have the necessary means.”

And it paid off: Damila received 62.26 percent of the audience votes in the finale. A sign for the Berliner: “I stand for the single mothers who have to fight every day.”

Rowe also said in the BILD interview: “I always saw myself as a weak candidate because the other candidates always sang very loudly or conducted monologues. I was invisible for the first few days.”

Thanks to Martin Semmelrogge?

In the end, however, it was she who took the crown home! Will Djamila send a small thank you to the actual candidate Martin Semmelrogge? If the 67-year-old had been allowed to enter the country, Djamila would not have won the 100,000 euro prize…