That’s why deal with Dr. dr

Xatar was now reporting on an important meeting that he was unable to attend himself.

Xatar was now reporting on an important meeting that he was unable to attend himself.Image: Instagram/ xatar

Xatar is not only one of the most successful rap artists in Germany, he has also made a name for himself as an entrepreneur over the course of his career. He did this primarily with his label “Alles oder nix”, to which Schwesta Ewa, SSIO and Eno belong. With Goldmann Music he finally started an international music company. From there, the 40-year-old strives for 360-degree support for artists.

By the way, there are now also Köfte skewers or ice cream from Giwar Hajabi, as he is called in town, for sale. Now the “Baba aller Babas” interpreter revealed in the hip-hop format “Stoked”, that during his career he even worked with Dr. Dre could have worked together. However, an investor deal fell through under explosive circumstances.

Xatar could Dr. not meet Dre in person

In the format “What would Xatar do?” the rapper was now asked, “Either dinner with Dr. Der or a joint with Snoop Dogg?” His response was prompt: “Dinner with Dr. Dre, which I had in 2009. So I had the appointment, but I was in jail the night before. But my partner DJ Tomekk was at the meal, who also posted the photo here and there. He was upset about the meal because he had to pay the bill and I wasn’t there.”

When asked what he would have wanted to discuss with him if he had been there, Xatar explained: “The evening was actually about Monsters, Beats and headphones and whether there was any interest in investing. That was at the very beginning of these headphones. I don’t even know if they were even out there. It was still a collab with Monster headphones. That was the topic. When my partner was offered a $21,000 slot, his reaction was, ‘Oh, what headphones, dude.'”

In the meantime, the company around its own brand “Beats by Dr. Dre” is worth billions. Incidentally, the partnership with Monster Cable Products ended in 2012. After the technology group HTC took over the majority of the shares and went out of business completely in 2013, it quickly became known that Apple had taken over the headphone empire for $3.2 billion. Dre is said to have received around $ 500 million for this. With that in mind, an early investment by Xatar would certainly have paid off.