That’s why the relationship with Silvia Schneider failed

The love-off between Andreas Gabalier and Silvia Schneider was three years ago. Now the musician explains why there was a breakup.

The separation in 2019 was not easy, after all, Gabalier and Schneider had been a couple for six years. So far, the “folk rock ‘n’ roller” has kept a low profile as to why the two surprisingly went their separate ways – until now.

“The times before that were just totally turbulent and unfortunately private life didn’t find the right, deserved place,” admits Gabalier in an interview with “”.

Gabalier Schneider

Gabalier and Schneider were a couple until 2019

Private life secondary to career

“In the last ten years, the career was in the foreground. That was just the way it was,” explains Gabalier that his relationship in everyday musicianship was probably neglected.

The separation from the ORF presenter was anything but easy for the 37-year-old: “Having to say goodbye to people who have been with you for a long time, it just hurts a lot. But it gets better over time. You have to look ahead, but should not forget life in the present. Then it will eventually get better.”

That’s what Gabalier wants from new love

Is there a new love on the horizon? In any case, Gabalier is open to a new partner: “If it happens, then it happens, then I will allow it again,” said Gabalier. Love must always have a place in life. The Carinthian also has a concrete idea of ​​what a woman needs to have at his side: “A good sense of humor and accept me as I am.”

At the latest since the love-off with Schneider, he also knows: “It’s not always easy, especially in the job, where things are often quite stressful.”