The 10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel was one of the most renowned composers and singers in Mexico and who also managed to achieve international fame. Throughout his more than 30-year career, he has released very successful songs, but ten of them were the most important, according to a compilation made by Azteca América.

With a letter that invites you to bet on healthy love and dedicated to a person whose name is unknown, the Mexican thrilled his fans around the world every time he sang it. Currently one of the videos uploaded by the artist’s official channel on YouTube has 58 million views.

This theme was made especially for mothers and was one of the favorites of the Spanish Rocío Dúrcal, who sang it many times and made it known in Spain. In his lyrics he says: “I look in the mirror and see on my face the time I have suffered for your goodbye”referring to the death of such an important person.

This creation was part of the album called “Celebrando 25 Años de Juan Gabriel en el Palacio de Bellas Artes” and the song has just over 702 million views on YouTube. In his story, it is told how one person fell in love with another, but apparently it was an impossible bond, causing great pain.

“Until I met you, I saw life in pain. I’m not lying to you, I was happy, although with very little love”says the song by Juan Gabriel that was released in 1986. Although it seems that it is a love story, it actually reflects the composer’s bad relationship with his mother, who would have abandoned him when he was a child.

It was launched in 2014 and as Juan Gabriel was accustomed to his audience, he performed this song in Mexico with a concert in which more than 40 musicians participated, playing instruments such as the guitar, violin and accordion, all led by a conductor.

In 1980 Juan Gabriel released this song that recounted his different failures in love, which led him to think that perhaps fate had something else prepared for him since “no one was born for me”as expressed in this topic.

Referring again to his mother, who left him in an orphanage, Juan Gabriel created this song in 1978 and it was so successful that figures like Julieta Venegas, Alex Ubago and Cristian Castro decided to remake it, each in their own style.

This is one of the artist’s most outstanding songs because it is moving and precisely recounts the secrets to enjoying a night of fun at Noa Noa, a well-known nightclub in Ciudad Juárez, where the star made his public debut. .

Here Juan Gabriel returns to his childhood memories that clearly marked him and where luxuries were not exactly abundant, since “I have no money or anything to give. The only thing I have is love to love”, as reported. It was launched in 1971.

Anyone who has ever listened to romantic music in Spanish must have heard this fabulous creation, released in 1984. In a message of unconditional love, the Mexican says “My wound has not healed well, I miss you and cry every day”. Chayanne and Kalimba also sang this song.