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The British royal family continues to fascinate and intrigue people. We know how to dress like royals, but to really play the part, you’ll have to choose your words wisely. As anthropologist Kate Fox explains in her book Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviorif you want to be part of the British royalty there are 10 words that you must avoid.

1. tea

Many Brits refer to their dinner as tea. It’s very easy to get confused: they drink this hot drink so much that you might wonder what tea they mean. However, referring to your last meal of the day as tea is a nice phrase of the working class, and British royals wouldn’t use that word. they call Dinner either super to food eaten between 5 and 7 in the evening.

2. Bathroom

The not-so-mild rivalry between the English and French aristocracy dates back more than a thousand years, so unsurprisingly, the British royal family do not use this word of French descent. Instead of toiletthey would refer to that particular room as the bathroom or the loo.

3. Living room

The British generally refer to the living room of the house where a family gathers for leisure time as the living room to be or the living room. However, the British royal family will not call it that: the proper name of this space is drawing room.

The British royal family on the balcony at Buckingham.  (Photo: AFP)
The British royal family on the balcony at Buckingham. (Photo: AFP)

4. Refreshment

refreshment is another forbidden word in the royal vocabulary. Refreshments are served at working class and middle class events, not the upper classes. The British royal family would refer to the light snacks as food Y beverage.

5. Portion

When talking about a quantity of food to consume, members of the British royal family do not use the word portionbut they ask a smaller portion or more great, another elegant expression.

6. Elegant

Handsome is another word royalty doesn’t use. Which is ironic, actually, given that they’re one of the most stylish families on the planet. The aristocracy and the upper classes say smart instead.

7. Dessert

Most Brits and Americans refer to sweets after a meal as dessert, be it cake, mousse, tarts or others. The British royal family may be partial to this sweet dish, but they call it puddingeven if it’s cake.

Part of the British royal family.  (Photo: AFP)
Part of the British royal family. (Photo: AFP)

8. Forgiveness

Perhaps due to centuries of people coming to them for a “royal pardon”, which was historically forgiveness for a heinous crime of some sort, the royals now cannot bear to hear the word sorry when someone is excusing himself. Nope excuse me neither Excuse me, pleaseonly I’m sorry.

9. Yard

Most Brits call their paved garden a patio, but this is not a word in the actual vocabulary. Royals have terraces outside of their properties.

10. Function

Whether you are going to a work function or a social function, rest assured that you will never attend a real function in the UK. Royals, like most upper-class people, call these events a party.

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