The 12 noon shots: this big tackle from Xavier who will not please Jean-Luc Reichmann

On Thursday January 5, Les 12 coups de midi celebrated the anniversary of the arrival of Xavier, one of most famous participants, on the set of the TF1 game. On January 5, 2013, Xavier made his first appearance.

Xavier, an emblematic candidate for the TF1 program

Xavier decided to leave the game of 12 noon shots after 76 participations. He is in 11th place in the ranking of the greatest players. He is still considered an important figure in this program. He even participates in events hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann. For 10 years, one of Stéphane’s predecessors, the current champion, is still present.

Xavier is delighted with his passages in the show but criticizes certain aspects

Xavier told Télé-Loisirs that he cannot explain why people keep asking for him every time, but that he is always happy to come back. He feels honored to count already 22 bonuses to his credit and to be back to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his arrival on TF1.

In addition, he is pleased to have won the Battle of the Masters 7 times. Despite all this, he claims that it is complicated to know why people are more attached to certain people than to others and that maybe he really is a “nice guy”.

Xavier wanted the winner of this event competition to be rewarded, even with a small gift. He was even inspired by another game for this, which Jean-Luc Reichmann might not like. He suggested that the winner receive a “little trip” as is the case in the bonuses of Remember the lyrics, to reward their victory. Although he rejects the idea that the winner wins “hundreds of thousands of euros”, Xavier insists that each bonus should be a kitty for an association. For now, champions don’t play so only for the good cause and leave empty-handed.

The 12 noon shots, a cult program

Les 12 coups de midi is a game that was launched in 2008 on TF1. The principle is simple: a candidate must answer general knowledge questions and accumulate points in order to win prizes. Each day a new contestant challenges the Noon Master, the defending champion who has held the title the longest.

If the candidate wins the 12 noon shots, he wins a kitty and can challenge special guests. The game is presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann. The questions relate on various topics, ranging from history and geography to literature and culture. The questions are sometimes difficult, but the contestants often seek the help of the spectators to find the correct answer.