The 4 boyfriends of Kate del Castillo before Edgar Bahena

After being single for a while, Kate del Castillo bet on love again and is currently enjoying an affair with Edgar Bahena, the director of photography with whom she worked on “La Reina del Sur”.

Apparently, the love life between them is going very well, since the actress has already introduced him to the family. The renowned artist is giving herself a new opportunity at 49 after a long list of failed loves. We review four of them.

Kate del Castillo had an intense and stormy love affair with soccer player Luis García, whom she married in 2001. The marriage lasted three years and ended in divorce due to episodes of gender-based violence towards the actress, as she recounted years later.

After her relationship with García, and before remarrying, Kate del Castillo had an affair with Demian Bichir, while they worked together on the set of the film American Visa. In an interview he assured that he saw the actress as the mother of her children and her friend for her whole life.

Kate del Castillo starred in another of her controversial relationships with actor Aaron Díaz. In 2006 they confirmed their relationship and after a year they broke up. But the couple gave themselves another chance in 2009, when they also took the next step: they married in Las Vegas. The relationship did not last long, since the divorce came in 2011. Rumors indicated that she was not so in love with the actor 10 years younger than her. He, for her part, refused to speak of her again.

Ariel Tech and Kate del Castillo had a fleeting romance many years ago, when they worked on the telenovela “Muchachitas”. In 1992 they tried to maintain a formal relationship, but without success. Three years later they met again to record “Imperio de Cristal” and maintained a romance for two more years, according to Univision.