The 49-year-old actress Chantal Andere tested positive for covid-19 for the second time | Famous

Chantal Andere, famous actress for playing legendary villains in soap operas, joined the list of celebrities who have tested positive for covid-19. The Mexican star shared his status through social networks where he thinks he was infected in the recordings of his television project.

The 49-year-old celebrity took advantage of her Instagram account to tell her followers that she was infected with coronavirus.

Jacqueline Andere’s daughter reported her status as well as the symptoms she suffers

“Well, things are like that, I tested positive for covid. Thank God I feel fine. The symptoms are imperceptible and that gives me a lot of peace. I look forward to joining the @mifortunaesamarte recordings next Monday because it’s going to get even more exciting! Thank you for always being there and please don’t worry, I’ll be fine first, God! I love you so much”.

So far it is known that only members of the production as well as Chantal Andere They are the only ones who have been infected within the melodrama directed by Nicandro Díaz.

Later, Chantal explained in detail that this new contagion occurs a year three months after the previous one..

“I wanted to tell you that unfortunately I tested positive for covid again, after 1 year and three months that I got infected in Miami. I am at home, taking care of myself, without symptoms. I feel very good, I hope to be back to work in 6 days”.

It is worth mentioning that at that time, it is unknown if the actress had had the opportunity to receive the dose of the vaccine against covid-19.

During his positive result at the time, Andere confirmed that he had no symptoms other than “almost imperceptible cough.”

“Unfortunately, I have to share with you that I tested positive for covid, like several of my colleagues (in Your face sounds to me) unfortunately. I feel very well, my symptoms have been zero, just an almost imperceptible cough. I ask God and the Virgin of Guadalupe to continue like this and that this adventure with this bug, as I tell it, be most kind and generous with me”.

To end, The interpreter asked her followers not to trust each other and continue to take care of themselves in the face of the pandemic that is still there.

“Remember that even if we are vaccinated, this little bug does not respect, so do not keep taking care of yourselves.”