The 5 essentials about ‘The Spirits of the Island’ the new tragic comedy by Martin McDonagh

CDMX.- Next Thursday, February 2, everyone is invited to discover Inisherin the fictional island of “The Spirits of the Island” starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson

On this small island off the west coast of Ireland, a singular tragicomic story takes place, charged with local color and strung together by a handful of charismatic characters.

that promise to reach the hearts of audiences.

The film, which marks the reunion of the acting duo of Farrell and Gleeson after shining in the 2008 black comedy

Here are five essential facts about the plot and characters before watching the movie:

A friendship at the center of history

Two men with dissimilar personalities who share a friendship of years, until Colm abruptly decides to end the relationship. For Pádraic, Colm’s decision it is impossible to understand. His cheerful and simple personality contrasts with the dark and complex character of Colm, a man with a sophisticated mentality who is highly respected in the community, with whom, despite the differences, he forged a close bond.

The return of a historic duo

Director Martin McDonagh was looking for a story that could reunite the Irish Farrell and Gleeson on screen, two actors who demonstrated a very special chemistry that won the audience over. Since then, the artists have maintained a close friendship off-camera, and that affection and familiarity is evident in every scene shared in the new film.

The Irish Civil War as a background

It takes place in 1923, in the midst of the Irish civil war. Although the small island of Inisherin seems to be oblivious to what is happening on the mainland, marked by clashes between the pro-Anglo-Irish Treaty Provisional Government, and the anti-Treaty Irish Armed Republic (IRA), the tension of the other sea ​​side feels.

Siobhán: The wisest voice on the island

Another central character in the story is Siobhán (Kerry Condon), Pádraic’s younger sister. After the death of her parents almost eight years ago, Siobhán and Pádraic live under the same roof and share all their daily experiences.

Siobhán is perhaps the wisest voice on the island. She is aware of the limitations of this community and has ambitions that transcend the Inisherin, but she also knows that Pádraic needs her.