The 5 highest paid Mexican youtubers in the world

YouTube became one of the most prestigious platforms and through which many people earn significant sums of money, due to the popularity they achieved and the number of subscribers they have.

Mexico also has some representatives who managed to capture the public and become really successful on the social network.

The young man, who recently became known in many countries for his performance in the series about Luis Miguel, has almost 11 million subscribers on YouTube, where he publishes content based mainly on his private and professional life. According to the Nation Rex site, he earns around 60 thousand dollars a month.

With more than 25 million subscribers, this group of influencers show their followers what some famous rituals are like, what it feels like to care for large animals and even face some extreme sporting challenges. According to the Chic medium, they have earnings that range between 36 thousand and 584 thousand dollars.

It is one of the best known, not only in Mexico, but also in Latin America. She provides her nearly 26 million followers with tips on makeup, health, and more. It also gives them exclusive data about your private life. They report that their monthly earnings exceed 20 thousand dollars.

The wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja exceeds 36 million subscribers on the platform and there she publishes funny videos about her family life with the influencer and the two children they have, called Juanito and Kima. According to the information that is currently circulating, she receives earnings that reach 59 thousand dollars a month.

With almost 40 million subscribers, he is the most famous Mexican on YouTube. His videos are mainly based on world travel, exotic places and documentaries. Due to his resounding success, he receives more than 700 thousand dollars a month from the platform.