The 5 most watched telenovelas in the world

The telenovela format is the most popular worldwide, but without a doubt some countries have led the battle of productions, managing to sell their formats to other places and generating an often unexpected impact.

This story produced by Televisa showed a young woman from a poor background who meets a rich man with whom she falls in love, changing her life forever. The format (typical of the ’90s) was a success that was translated into more than ten languages ​​and launched Thalía to fame. To this day, scenes like “The Damned Cripple” are still present in people’s minds.

O Globo multimedia produced this novel that recounted the desire for revenge of a young woman named Rita who went through terrible times because of her stepmother Carmina, who was in charge of stealing everything her parents left her. In the midst of this sadness, she will come across different people who will mark her path. The format was sold to 124 countries.

A woman considered “ugly” by the society that surrounds her stole the heart of the entire planet by overcoming prejudice and making her way in the fashion industry. The Colombian channel RCN never imagined that the plot created by Fernando Gaitán would be what it finally was. Today, more than twenty years after its premiere, it continues to rank among the most watched on Netflix.

Argentina positioned itself in front of the world with this telenovela starring the Uruguayan Natalia Oreiro (who is now a star in Russia) and Facundo Arana, who were made by fate to travel very different paths but will finally come together, putting their feelings at stake and also the opinion of the environment, which of course does not accept this relationship. Mexico, Peru and Portugal are some of the countries that made their own adaptations and many others bought the original format.

Verónica Castro was already a recognized actress in 1979 when she got the opportunity to be part of this Televisa production. The plot revolved around Mariana Villarreal who is left alone in the world after losing everything, but she will come across a millionaire who will help her and give her the opportunity to meet her love. Countries from America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania were able to see the exciting story.