The Academy 20 years: They reject Alexander Acha as director and mock Aleks Syntek

Mexico.- The Academy will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a reality show in which it seems that the controversy will always be present, and that is that it has not yet started and the “noise” around the TV Azteca program has already begun.

This week the names of those who will participate as critics in the TV Azteca singing reality show were announced, in addition to who will be in charge of hosting and even the mentor and director.

It turns out that the singer Alexander Acha, son of Emmanuel, was chosen to become the director of a new generation that arrives 20 years after the reality show surprised Mexicans and became one of the favorite television programs.

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But it seems that Alexander Acha did not convince the followers of The Academy, because the messages of rejection began on social networks, and it is that many considered that the one who should take the place of director is Héctor Martínez, since they expressed that the son of Emmanuel ‘The chair is too big for him’.

“Not even the case with this decision, under what arguments did they choose him? He has no experience in managing artists, he is not even a prominent or really successful singer, he only had 1 or 2 hits. Without a doubt @HectorMartinezL was the ideal candidate”, It was one of the messages read in the official account of The Academy.

In addition to Acha, another singer who caused controversy by being announced as part of La Academia 20 años is Aleks Syntek, who will serve as a mentor to a new generation of students.

And it is that some social network users recalled that the creator of the theme “Sex, modesty and tears” was involved in the controversy when he was accused of alleged sexual harassment of a minor, and others dusted off the controversy caused by Syntek by saying that reggaeton “comes from the apes.”

The cast that will be part of The Academy for 20 years. Photo: Instagram

“It was already that they are not going to sing reggaeton”, “How is a guy who harassed a chavito a mentor?!”, “What a good joke they would have put someone of this century, in fashion”, were some of the comments.

Although there were those who did like that Aleks Syntek is part of this reality show, some even pointed out that he had the experience and background to be the director of The Academy, instead of Alexander Acha.

“Well, here they would have put him as a director with more experience than Alexander,” reads one of the messages.

The controversial Lolita Cortés will make her triumphant return to La Academia, who, together with Horacio Villalobos, Ana Bárbara and Arturo López Gavito, will be the critics of the program that will be hosted by Vanessa Claudio, who also received some criticism, and will have the support of William Valdés who will serve as digital host.

Casting begins in León

The casting day of The Academy for Guanajuato is approaching, as it was reported that this coming May 15 it will be León’s turn.

For those who are interested in being part of La Academia 20 años, the casting will take place on May 15 at the Altacia shopping center in León, Guanajuato.

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