The Academy and cancer came the same day in his life

Fernando del Solar spoke honestly about the drama he experienced in 2012, when happiness and tragedy happened in less than 24 hours.

Del Solar appeared in the presentation program of the reality show La Academia 20 años, which began over the weekend and celebrates two decades since its first generation.

Along with other celebrities and artists who have been part of this program since 2002, Fernando del Solar spoke about his experience as host of the generation that celebrated 10 years of La Academia in 2012.

“I shouldn’t have done it,” Fernando said in the interview that aired on Saturday’s show. According to his narration, the same day it was announced that he would be the driver, he also received a cancer diagnosis.

“In the afternoon I was receiving the appointment of the driver and everything was happiness because I had achieved it, but there was something that did not let me fully celebrate because at night, I had an appointment with the doctor to find out the diagnosis.”

Fernando Del Solar says that, in fact, that same day at night he went to the doctor and gave him the news that he had the disease. “And he starts talking about the options that exist but you start to get small in the chair, small, small and what you want is to run out of there.”

Fernando Del Solar led that Generation of the Decade at La Academia together with his then wife Ingrid Coronado, who also appeared on the program and shared that it was indeed one of the strongest and most complicated decisions.

In that 2002, Yahir was integrated as part of the panel of judges together with Marta Sánchez and Julio Preciado, while the winner was Alexis Hernández.

Fernando del Solar says that, in light of his story, he appreciates the opportunity to host the program but is aware that it was a mistake.

“I should never have agreed to be the driver knowing I had cancer,” he said.

fire his father

Fernando del Solar experienced sadness on Sunday: the death of his father.

“I feel very sad and I still can’t believe that I won’t see my old man anymore,” he wrote in a post on his Instagram in which he shared some photos in the company of his father.

“Neither eat a roast, nor laugh at his occurrences … Today I am going to smile because it happened, because it was him and for everything we lived together,” added the driver.

Del Solar was very close to his father, whom he constantly remembered as one of the most important influences in his life.

“Just hours have passed and I already miss you. I keep everything I learned, with its successes, but more of its mistakes. Fly to the highlands dad! You will always live in me, I LOVE YOU”