The Academy gave food with WORMS to the students and there are already retaliations

It seems that ‘The Academy’ started off on the wrong foot in various situations that have occurred. From the controversy over the presence of Rubí, the criticism of Lola Cortés herself about giving priority to “sentimentality” and even the decision that every Saturday and Sunday there is an expelled… But nothing beats the fact that they were given food with worms .

The students discovered larvae in their food, something unprecedented in this type of reality show.

So the production for the first time faced the academics in the house where they are concentrated.

Angelo Aponte and Laura Suárez reported that action was taken immediately. “The company that takes care of your food was removed from its responsibilities because we do not allow these types of incidents and we will not allow them. You are under our responsibility and I want to assure you that it is something that we do not take lightly. So On behalf of the entire production, we face them and offer them an apology”.

“It is something very serious and we, just as we demand excellence from you on stage, we also demand excellence from ourselves and this type of event is unacceptable,” said Aponte.

On the same day, Alexander Acha announced that every Saturday and Sunday there will be an expelled, after the public has not been happy with the behavior and discipline of the academics.