The actor Alain Delon asked his son to schedule euthanasia for him: he explained the reason | Famous

One of the actors who recently spoke on the subject and his desire to go through this procedure was the French-born actor Alain Delon, who began his career in 1949.

Alain Delon’s career

He was born in 1935 and is currently 86 years old. He is considered a legend in France for his performances, because with his great talent he managed to appear in films that are considered must-sees in the country.

At just 14 years old, Alain got his first big break by appearing in a short film called ‘Le Rapt’. It was not until he was 22 years old that he had his second role in the film ‘When Women Get Involved’.

His face, gallantry and rebellious attitude made him work in front of the cameras more often and he made it to action films, a genre where he performed in a great way.

It was there that he obtained the roles that distinguished him in the show, as he starred in classic French films such as ‘In Full Sun’ from 1960, where he played Tom Ripley, a young man who is sent to Italy to look for a seducer known as Phillipe Greenlaf and try to convince him to return to the city of San Francisco.

Three years later, he participated in the film ‘El gatopardo’, which tells how a noble aristocrat seeks to preserve his family’s reputation in the midst of a series of social upheavals that arose on the island of Sicily, Italy.

Both productions made Alain Delon considered one of the icons of the 60s and 70s by making various generations of women fall in love, which in some way also helped him with his acting drive.

A film that made him recognized worldwide, in addition to those mentioned above, was the French version of ‘El Zorro’.

Other films in which he was the lead actor were ‘The Pool’, ‘The Samurai’, ‘The Adventurers’, ‘The Sicilian Clan’ or ‘Black Tulip’, just to mention a few, since to date he has more than 100 participations in film and television.

Alain Delon has been honored for his work at various events and 2019 was the year he made his last performance with ‘Toute ressemblance’.

The decision to choose euthanasia

According to the RTL portal, the actor made public his desire to have an assisted death, which he will be able to achieve thanks to the support of his family and because he lives in Switzerland, where the practice of euthanasia is legal.

“I am in favor of a dignified death. Firstly because I live in Switzerland, where euthanasia is legal, and also because I think it is the most logical and natural thing to do. A person has the right to leave in peace, without going through hospitals, injections and others. …”.

The actor has three children and the eldest, Anthony Delon, asked him to help him with the process, to which he replied in an interview for the same medium, that he will, since his father “has the right to leave silently.” .

Alain Delon does not suffer from any terminal illness or medical problem, but he also chose this euthanasia option because his ex-wife, Nathalie Delon, did so in 2021 because she suffered from pancreatic cancer.

In one of his last interviews with the magazine Paris March, he confessed that he will have no regrets when he decides to undergo euthanasia.

“Life doesn’t give me much anymore. I’ve known everything, I’ve seen everything. But above all I hate and reject this time. There are beings I hate. Everything is false, everything is distorted, there is no respect, there are no more words of honor. Only money matters. I know I will leave this world with no regrets.”