the actor announces terrible news…

Gil Alma is known to the public for being an actor, comedian and producer. His fans follow him in all his projects and he never ceases to surprise them. But the stars also can sometimes have empty passages. And the famous comedian is no exception. Despite his remarkable sense of humor and his roles that made the public laugh so much, Gil Alma did not fail to move his fans on social networks.

Indeed, he paid a poignant tribute to his grandfather, who died on May 1. He published the video of a pleasant moment shared with him. And above all, he wrote the pain it was to lose him in the caption of his publication. Also, fans of Gil Alma know that this is not the only time the actor has been so close to his fans. When it comes to confiding in them, he is indeed not against the idea of ​​being vulnerable. Objeko do not hide from you that this is all to his credit. An opinion shared by Internet users, according to the reactions to his confidences.

Gil Alma is an actor who makes himself accessible to his fans

His growing notoriety could have distanced Gil Alma from the realities. This indeed happens to many up-and-coming actors. But the work of an actor also requires research on the side of emotions, of reality. No actor can therefore hope to be a great actor if he disconnects from everyday life. The writing ofObjeko do not doubt for a second that Gil Alma is aware of this phenomenon. And that despite the ego needed to make a career as an actor, he knows how to keep his feet on the ground and work for a better future.

Nevertheless, we told you above, even with the best will in the world no one can escape sorrows, difficulties, ordeals. The fact is that rather than hiding them and pretending they don’t exist, Gil Alma is one of those who prefers to look them in the face and even talk about them with his fans. A commendable attitude which proves that he has a special bond with his admirers.

An actor connected with reality, close to his subscribers

Gil Alma has been in mourning since May 1, 2022. And instead of playing the fake smile card, which is probably rather easy for an actor of his caliber, he prefers to pay tribute to this loved one he lost. And therefore share his immense pain with his fans on his Instagram account.

“I pay homage to my grandfather Daniel Toy, who left last night, freed from this terrible disease: Alzheimer’s. Left on May 1st… He who started working all his life, at 13, to help his mother sell fish on the markets… And who until the age of 63, boss, never counted his hours. Rungis at 1 a.m., 5 markets a week, packing up, accounts, called to Algeria… I called him “venerable grandfather” to make him laugh, but I couldn’t be more sincere. Straight to paradise grandpa! I like you. »wrote Gil Alma in a touching message.

And like Objeko told you above, so it was not the first time that the famous actor was sincere and vulnerable in the face of his subscribers. Since August 30, 2021, he evoked a painful separation.

“After 15 years, our story with Aminata ends. We had two beautiful boys, and that’s the best thing that ever happened to us. It takes courage to take the plunge, to confess the whole truth, so terrible. The last 3 months have been dark but there is no light. And strangely, as a sign of hope, as if someone were telling me that you still have to believe in Love, I was playing and I’m playing a show in which I’m getting married. It was you, the audience, who unknowingly supported me by giving me so much love and laughter. Thank you @benoit.joubert for being there with me, on stage and in my life, bro. »so wrote Gil Alma, already touching his fans in the heart.

Finally, it only remains for us to send our sincere condolences to Gil Alma and his family, for the death of the “venerable” Daniel Toy. But also to welcome the fact that it evokes Alzheimer’s disease which does so much damage to people who suffer from it and their loved ones.