The actress Danna García let off steam and uncovered her opinion on the ‘petrovideos’

Less than two weeks before the second round of the presidential elections, SEMANA uncovered the biggest leak in Colombian politics since the remembered Process 8,000. These are the ‘petrovideos’, which demonstrated the dirty war behind the political campaign of the candidate for the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro, who will face Rodolfo Hernández at the polls on June 19.

The news did not go unnoticed on social networks, which became the favorite setting to discuss politics and where the topic continues to guide the conversation of users.

Faced with the revelations of WEEK, Different recognized personalities have been mentioned, not only from the political sphere, but also references in entertainment in Colombia.

The most recent reaction was that of Danna García, who earned the affection of Colombians as one of the protagonists of the acclaimed novel Passion of Hawks. Known for her role as ‘Norma’, the actress is no stranger to the political reality that exists in her native country.

“What a shame, not only as politicians… as human beings. These actions do not represent me as a Colombian”, he wrote in a post via his official Twitter account.

Referring to the ‘petrovideos’, Danna García was emphatic that, although she has avoided mentioning herself regarding political issues, the reality is that it is important to be aware of who is supported by voting at the polls. Likewise, she stressed that she is not in favor of one political position or another.

“I am anti-politics. I have no sides. Aware that parties are led by people: When we vote, we do so by people and their criteria. #ThinkWellVote”trilled the Colombian artist.

Danna García is not the first to express her opinion regarding the stir caused by the revelations of WEEK, that give proof of the strategies that were devised from Gustavo Petro’s campaign to promote his candidacy at the cost of discrediting and the dirty war against other candidates for the Presidency.

The subject has been commented on by other characters in public life, such as the actor Jorge Enrique Abello, recognized for his participation in novels such as ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘In Eva’s heels’, among other productions.

Through his Twitter account, the actor published the following trill: “Defending the moral destruction of an adversary, arguing that this is politics, normalizes the fact that the best are never the ones to win! If not the most alive!”, speaking of the controversy of the ‘petrovideos’.

Users on social networks did not take long to respond to his comment on this social network. While some wrote to him supporting his position, others rejected his words.

But, perhaps, one of the most curious answers, with a more humorous tint, was that of @Altaner0. This Twitter user responded to the tweet shortly after Abello posted it. As a claim, he trilled: “You do not have the moral authority to talk about transparency because you made Betty fall in love so that she would make up Ecomoda’s reports… And she loved him.”

With this comment he revived one of the turning points of the well-remembered Colombian novel ‘Ugly Betty’, that continues to be one of the favorites by the audience in the country and that is available on Netflix. His response was followed by teasing and other comedic comments about it.

All the details of the ‘petrovideos’ are available at