The aesthetic touch-up to which Florencia Torrente, the daughter of Araceli González, underwent

Florence Torrentwithout a doubt, he acquired each and every one of his mother’s genes, Araceli Gonzalezsince mother and daughter are bearers of striking beauty and a truly amazing resemblance.

“Me, being very happy in his little hands. I just realized I never uploaded this video. From my favorite Pollack. A few days ago they asked me where I did my eyebrows, “he said. florenceon Instagram, capturing the beauty center account.

“Your place is super cute, and with a lot of love. Greetings from the US. PS: they are still impeccable, leave a photo at the end”, added the daughter of Araceli Gonzalezsharing a video of the moment in which he underwent a touch-up on his eyebrows.

torrent flower She usually uses her Instagram account to promote her exchanges, which are mostly products related to body care, aesthetics and the creation of healthy habits.

In fact, during her vacation abroad, the actress shared her facial routine. “The routines that do us good do not take vacations. Here I leave you one of a trip with few essential products. Cleansing gel, mist, serum, cream and sunscreen, ”she indicated.

The recent activity in social networks of Florence Torrent They place her on a tour of the United States. “A Sunday in Sowa. Sowa art & design, is a fair that has been held for years to give space to artists and that they can exhibit their art, be it food, photos, paintings, clothes, beer, etc”, she said.