The alleged indirection of Adamari López to Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán

Adamari López is very faithful and constant with the creation of content on her Instagram account. The Puerto Rican host constantly shares different types of videos with funny scenes, changes of looks, dances and other actions that entertain her 7.5 million followers.

This time, Toni Costa’s ex published a video that generated debate and conflicting opinions on social networks, as it seemed like a hint at Evelyn Beltrán, the new girlfriend of her ex-partner Toni Costa.

In the video, Adamari wears a pink dress and appears walking with some flowers in her hands while a voice off says: “Hey, Isabel, how do you tell the woman who has taken another’s husband?” At that moment she looks at the camera and replies: “Thank you, thank you very much”, and she closes smiling.

This type of interpretation (which starts from an audio taken out of context) is usually performed by the Puerto Rican for fun. Only this time, many thought that it could be for the new girlfriend of the father of his daughter.

And besides, in the title of the publication she wrote: “Being grateful is wonderful.” A phrase that many considered a hint for Toni Costa.

For his part, the dancer is preparing to enter “The House of the Famous” from May 10, where he will live and compete with 17 other celebrities for a prize of 200 thousand dollars.