the artist turns 50 and celebrates them by taking out a book of his biography

The life of Juanes it is a litmus, with shades of magenta, light blue, yellow, grey, black and white, with darkness and light, with silence, loneliness, an excess of guitars and people screaming at full volume. But also a simple life, of hugs and kisses in the morning, lazy Sundays, party Fridays, family lunches, shared pains and dreams at the mercy of time.

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A simple, ordinary life, that dresses up, in tails, patent leather and special cologne every time the lights come on. Not all of us would be able to live his life, his obsession, his judgment and discipline, his sleepless nights and endless tours, planes to and fro, pressure, photographs, comments and criticism.

Juanes: this is the origin of your book

According to Diego Londono, this book is for the reader to get closer to his humanity, to his pores, to his way of breathing, to his way of understanding lifeto cling to his past and to think about the present, for his way of loving music, of perceiving politics, religion, family and to live closely, through stories, that smile that is triggered when something it makes him happy.

There is very little time left for Juanes to celebrate his fiftieth anniversary, and that number, 50, has been a valuable itinerary of losses, coincidences, and learning. He has lived 49 Augusts since the year 72, more than 18,000 days, with minutes, seconds, sunrises, sunsets, sadness, many joys and songs composed, chanted, cried, and even failed.

In fact, it is good, because it brings with it the maturity of living on simple things and truly enjoying life. For this reason, Juanes is now in the place where he always wanted to be, with the tranquility and love of his family in his right pocket and with music and his guitar in his left.

Juanes did what many men try and few achieve: risk everything, start from scratch, throw himself into the void with pain in his stomach, close his eyes and face ghosts, hurricanes and storms. He did what many men try and few achieve, chase the sun and not get hurt, not burned or see his universe burn; on the contrary, shine and achieve a dream as elusive as the sun itself.

Juanes and what is to come

That Juanes, that musician who changed our lives, still has many years left, that the drift continues to be exciting, that the haughty hope continues, that his coffee does not get cold and the exercise never stops. May he continue to receive affection from the family, love from his wife and joy from his children.

That his black shirt remains intact, that the prayer of “I ask God” is multiplied for everyone, that the photograph continues to be revealed one and many more times, that the pay arrives safely and becomes savings, that the bad people stop being and become people who change hate for love, that spilled blood becomes drops of fresh water and kisses in war are just child’s play.

That there is nothing impossible, that we believe in him ever. May it not be just for you, nor for me, but for everyone, and may the hope of seeing you again be a long and fraternal hug. I hope that he, Juanes, continues to smile, that many more stories arrive, that his guitars and melodies continue to resound, with passion and madness, on the walls of bars around the world, that his music continues to be transported mysteriously from continent to continent and that your favorite song is yet to come.

That is exactly why this story was born, to live a life or many lives different from mine, to put myself in someone else’s shoes and be able to breathe other people’s stories. There began the desire to pursue Juanes, on tour and outside of them, in concerts and on the sofa in his mother’s house with his chest swollen with love, in photo sessions or interviews, with fans and without them, in the company and in solitude.

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This book was born to understand the shadows and brightest moments in the life of a dreamer who became an incandescent star. The experience that remains after looking with love and dedication at this story is to find a life that has been a bridge to fulfill the dreams of others, the existence of a man so big that he becomes small to give love to others.