“The Baby”, the horror-comedy series that rhymes mother with hell

OCS is broadcasting an award-winning British series at the Series Mania festival this Monday, in which a hardened bachelor finds herself struggling with a demonic baby.

What if your baby was trying to kill you? This is the question that arises for the heroine of The Baby, British HBO series which arrives this Monday on OCS. A strange television object of eight episodes that combines humor and horror, to develop a parable of the difficulties of motherhood.

Natasha, a hardened 38-year-old bachelor, struggles to adapt to her girlfriends’ pregnancies. More focused on poker nights and joints than on diapers and baby bottles, she sees her routine change when she finds herself in charge of a mysterious baby. As disasters multiply around her, she begins to wonder if there might not be something unhealthy about this toddler who refuses to let go of her…

By women, for women, with women

The Baby is a co-creation of Siân Robins-Grace and Lucy Gaymer, two shadow workers in British television (one has co-produced episodes of Sex Educationthe other signed the soundtrack of flea bag…). They reveal their first baby here, and this first attempt already seems promising: the role of Natasha earned her interpreter Michelle de Swarte the prize for best actress at the Lille festival. Mania Serieslast March.

Around her gravitates a small gallery of almost all female characters, each illustrating in their own way the thousand relationships that can be had with motherhood. A cast in the image of the scriptwriting and technical teams, of which the men are almost absent. We can only see a desire to put women at the heart of a subject that concerns them in the foreground.

Because behind his simple pitch, The Baby dares to mix bold genres and serves a feminist morality. We necessarily think of Rosemary’s Baby, a classic by Roman Polanski based on the novel by Ira Levin (the most observant viewers will notice an obvious wink in one of the episodes). But there is also a bit of very bad trip, as Natasha’s waking nightmare resembles a long hangover with caustic twists. All sprinkled with a scathing reflection on one of the great taboos of our society: the injunction to become a mother, to derive total fulfillment from it… and the dramatic consequences of an imposed motherhood.

The Babyseries in eight episodes, broadcast on OCS from this Monday at the rate of one episode per week.

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