“The Bachelor” singles are sure: “Were fooled”

“The Bachelor”: On arrival – RTL candidates are sure: “Were fooled”

01/19/2022 at 10:33 p.m

These are the winning couples from all Bachelor seasons

These are the winning couples from all Bachelor seasons

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It’s finally starting again – RTL presents “The Bachelor2022. This time in the leading role of the charming bachelor: Dominik Stuckmann.

Born in Frankfurt, he wants to find his great love on the show. First of all, however, the girls have to “Bachelor” Find.

“The Bachelor” fools its candidates unnoticed

The candidates Christina R. and Josephine are the first to get to know their potential partner. The limousine takes you to the bachelor villa. On the way there, the two exchange ideas openly.


This is “The Bachelor”:

  • “The Bachelor” is a television show that is broadcast on the RTL program
  • It was first broadcast on RTL in 2003
  • In group and individual dates, the bachelor and the candidates get to know each other in a sophisticated environment
  • In each episode, a different number of women are thrown out
  • Shortly before the final, the “Bachelor” gets to know the families of the remaining four candidates
  • In the final, the last two candidates get to know the “Bachelor’s” family
  • The broadcast dates of the current season will be announced by RTL


“I hope he’s a bit of a lighter type, light eyes…” says Christina R. And Josephine wouldn’t mind either. While the two get smitten, they get closer to their goal.

The candidates of “Der Bachelor” believe in a misunderstanding on the RTL show

Arrived in front of the villa, however, the big guesswork begins, because the wait doesn’t seem to end. One is missing – “The Bachelor” himself. Where an attractive man used to wait is now a yawning emptiness.

Meanwhile, the single women are getting nervous in the car. “There’s nobody there,” the two state, confused. Josephine is certain: “We were fooled”.

“The Bachelor” provides pure emotions for its single ladies

However, when her driver gets out and slowly walks down the red carpet towards the villa, Josephine has a faint premonition. She thinks, “Maybe he’s the driver.” Her premonition is confirmed when Dominik Stuckmann takes off his driver’s hat and mask. Now it is clear that the two were very close to their dream man the whole time.


More about “The Bachelor”:


The sudden realization causes a torrent of emotions in Christina R. and she has to pull herself together not to burst into tears. “I’m about to cry.” Once out, however, the fear is quickly overcome and the enthusiasm outweighs it.

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