The band-aid almost bursts, Chiquis stretches too much and makes a fuss

Showing off a body of infarction in a very daring look Chiquis Rivera monopolized the spotlight and her fans quickly unleashed an intense wave of reactions, as she was showered with praise and harsh criticism.

the beautiful singer This time she was exposed in a very striking outfit with which she highlighted her explosive curves, making it clear that she fully trusts everything she has to be able to show it off to the fullest.

With his daring and risky style Chiquis Rivera He managed to attract attention and captured the eyes of locals and strangers, since he almost burst the band-aid of his jumpsuit and almost overflowed his powerful front, which caused a great uproar.

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The famous one with this outfit that she used for one of her presentations caused a stir and became the spoiled one, but also aroused her detractors who sent her harsh reactions.

Some looked at the two photographs in detail and said what the meat comes outothers comment that if he has surgery on his face or nose he will look like Michael Jackson, in short, a long list of attacks against him.

Let us remember that Chiquis Rivera has always been the target of harsh criticism, many Internet users say that she did not inherit her mother’s talent for singing, for which they have criticized her career in the music.

But the famous one has not taken her finger off the line and is always looking for how to preserve her privileged place in the Regional Mexican genre, which opened the doors for her and keeps her current.

Without a doubt, with this tight and well-stretched black jumpsuit look, Lorenzo Méndez’s ex almost pop the band-aidwon the affection of her followers who are on the lookout for what she does, since she is one of the most creative when it comes to showing her charms, which this time were the great protagonists.

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There is no doubt that the style of the daughter of Jenni Rivera It is united, so this time it attracted attention and caused a stir by showing much more of its curvy figure, and it is that in one of its presentations it surprised with this majestic outfit that attracted the attention of locals and strangers and more because of its special shape to use it.

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