The band NeonFly will be in charge of supporting Epica at his concert in León

León, Guanajuato.- The British band neonfly will be the opener of the Epica concert at the Foro del Lago on May 21.

Formed by Frederick Thunder (guitar), Paul Miller (bass), Willy Norton (vocals), and Declan Brown (drums), NeonFly have released three studio albums: The Future, Tonight (2021), Strangers In Paradise (2014), and Outshine The Sun. (2011).

The band will accompany Epica in his show. Photo: Courtesy.

That night there will be hits like “Steal the world”, “Beating hearts”, “The future, tonight”, “Heart of the sun”, “Rose in bloom” and “This world is burning”, among many others.

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Epica will tour nine cities in Mexico with its “OmegaTour”, with León being the last stopover for Simone Simons, Mark Jansen and company. After León, they will continue the tour in Israel, Istanbul and the Netherlands.

Epica will have its show this May 21. Photo: Special.

According to sources from the Press Area of ​​Cantodea Producciones -promoter of the event- more than 75% of tickets have already been sold. Fans who wish to purchase their tickets can do so at the Irie Tours & Shop or electronically at

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