the Beckhams celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary in Paris

The former footballer and the stylist treated themselves to a romantic getaway in the City of Light, documented on their respective Instagram accounts, on Monday July 4.

“We love Paris. Whenever we have something to celebrate, we come here,” wrote David Beckham on his Instagram account. The former footballer and his wife Victoria naturally celebrated their 23 years of marriage in the City of Light on Monday July 4.

Victoria and David Beckham pose together for their 23rd wedding anniversary. (Paris, July 4, 2022.) Screenshot Instagram/@victoriabeckham

A romantic getaway that the duo has largely documented on their Instagram account. On the program, bottle of wine served in a personalized bucket – “David, I love you so much, happy 23e wedding anniversary. You are my everything”, can we read on the container -, rooftop with a view of the Eiffel Tower and balloons in the shape of hearts.

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“They said it wouldn’t last”

An event during which the designer shone with a thousand lights, dressed in sparkling tights, transparent pumps and a white blazer dress. David Beckham wore a black suit. “Kisses from Paris”, wrote Victoria Beckham in particular in her Instagram story.

The stylist and the former footballer sat on a rooftop with a view of the Eiffel Tower. (Paris, July 4, 2022.) Screenshot Instagram/@victoriabeckham

During the day, the couple has also multiplied the enamored posts. The former Spice Girl has published a photograph of the duo immortalized in a laugh at Ted’s wedding, David Beckham’s father, in April. “They said he wasn’t funny, that I never smiled, that it wouldn’t last,” she wrote. Today we celebrate our 23e year of marriage. David you are my everything, I love you so much!!!!!”

Both enjoyed a bottle of wine, nestled in a personalized bucket. (Paris, July 4, 2022.) Screenshot Instagram/@davidbeckham

“I was a fan of Posh”

The ex-captain of the England team also paid tribute to his wife on the social network. He thus published theexcerpt from a sketch signed Comic Relief, and filmed in 2001. “Where did you meet?” Asks presenter Ali G. To which Victoria Beckham replies: “Football”. The host then asks the ex-professional sportsman if he was once a fan of the Spice Girls.

Stories embellished with heart-shaped balloons. (Paris, July 4, 2022.) Screenshot Instagram/@davidbeckham

“No, but I was a fan of Posh (the nickname of Victoria Beckham, Editor’s note)”, smiles Davis Beckham. “23 years ago today, Posh became Mrs. Beckham, but she will always be Posh,” the Inter Miami Football Club co-owner captioned the footage. Happy birthday, WOW, 23 years old and four beautiful children. I love you, we all love you.”