the before and now of Rafael Amaya

rafael amaya He managed to become one of the most famous and beloved Mexican actors on television thanks to the indisputable talent, physical attractiveness and innate charisma that characterize him.

The gallant made his way in the artistic environment without levers, but with a discipline and perseverance that allowed him earn roles in several of the most successful projects in recent years.

His rise in the industry was steady and fame came vigorously after years of experience when he got into the skin of Aurelio Casillas to head The Lord of the heavens.

The series catapulted him to world stardom and consolidated him as an interpreter, but it also severely affected him on a personal level, leading him to a life of excess where he almost lost his life.

Thanks to your loved ones, managed to get ahead and begin a long process to resurface. Now, he has resumed his life and his career. Therefore, below, we show you the physical change of him over time.

The evolution of Rafael Amaya through the years

Jorge Rafael Amaya Nunez was born on February 28, 1977 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico; however, when she was five years old, her family moved to the Mexican state of Baja California.

In your new home, he grew up playing sports and discovered his vocation for the world of arts. So, during his teenage years, he began taking acting and music classes.

His youth, however, also was marked by economic deficiencies. For this reason, Amaya had to work from an early age in all kinds of trades until she became a model.

I sold boats, stole car caps and did a lot of teenage stuff, playing, to collect for my tennis shoes, to be the same as the ones at school because the bullying It has existed for a long time,” he revealed in an interview with The Arizona Republic in 2016.

“No one knows that part of my life, Nobody knows that I had many deficiencies, that I got home on foot, He was the younger brother, when the food arrived it was gone, he would grab the leftovers and cook what he could there. What he had to do was look for food outside (…) ”, he explained.

Later, after graduating from high school, he moved to San Diego, California, to study at the university, but ended up returning to Mexico where he soon began his artistic career.

His beginnings in the entertainment industry

In order to venture into acting, Rafael settled in the Mexico City. In the capital he managed to earn a place within the prestigious Televisa Artistic Education Center (CEA).

At school, the aspiring actor saw an opportunity to try out to be one of the new members of the musical group Garibaldi and did not hesitate to introduce himself. In the end, he was chosen.

As part of the group, he began to take his first steps in the middle, but after a successful season, he decided to leave the group and continue only doing what he wanted: acting.

His debut as an actor was with a role in the Televisa telenovela The house on the beach in the year 2000. From then on, he was unstoppable linking roles in one television project after another.

Conceived without sin (2001), Salome (2001), the ways of love (2002) and Love again (2004) are some of the first melodramas in which he worked and with which he became known, according to Imdb.

After a time shining in Televisajumped to Hispanic television with Telemundowhere he consolidated his work in novels such as The two faces of Ana (2006) or Someone is watching you (2010).

The consolidation of Rafael Amaya’s career

After this last project, he earned one of the most important roles of his career.: the güero davila in the hugely successful superseries queen of the south (2011), where he performed with Kate del Castillo.

While the story of Theresa Mendozathe actor spent a season in Spainwhere he joined the cast of successful productions, such as Central Hospital Y doctor matthew in 2011.

Along with his career on television, rafael amaya He also played important roles in the cinema. The premiere of him on the big screen had him with a role in the erotic tape nudes (2004).

After his successful debut, the also conductor continued to stand out in the seventh art with his interpretation of all kinds of different characters in numerous short and feature films.

Such as So off the precipice (2006), love letter by letter (2008), anonymous fighter (2009), Without memory (2010), Kiss of Vengeance (2014), cantinflas (2014) and gold and dust (2015), to name a few.

Arrives The Lord of the heavens and his fame grows

His great consecration, however, occurred in 2013 when he got into the skin of the drug trafficker for the first time. Aurelio Casillas in the famous superseries The Lord of the heavens.

Thanks to his performance in the production of Telemundo most successful in the entire history of the Hispanic chain, rafael amaya achieved unprecedented worldwide recognition in his career.

The actor remained in charge of International Emmy-winning series for the next six seasons. However, before the premiere of the seventh in the year 2019, exited the project.

His departure as the protagonist of the broadcast occurred without any clear explanation. For this, his seemingly invincible character presumably died at the beginning of installment number 7.

After recording the sixth season of the popular narcoseries that elevated him, Amaya disappeared from show business, public life and social networks without notifying anyone.

Although he had already done this years before during a period due to a nervous breakdown and depression, on that second occasion, Neither his colleagues knew of his whereabouts nor the reasons that led him to leave.

Everyone wondered where he was and various theories were developed. The truth was not known until the end of 2020when the actor reappeared on the cover of People in spanish.

The battle against your addictions

In a candid interview with the magazine, the artist confessed that the real reason he vanished from the world for a few years was his uncontrollable addiction to drugs and alcohol.

And it is that, although The Lord of the heavens catapulted him, the fame it brought him and other factors led him to a free fall into addictions so he abandoned his career, family and friends.

“I lost my inner peace, the love I had for my family, for my work. Little by little I was submerged in the dark mud of alcohol and drugsliving all possible excesses…”, he said.

Fortunately, his best friend, Roberto Tapia, his then manager, Karem Guedimin and his sister Fatima Amaya They devised a plan to rescue him from the place where he was hiding.

The trio managed to get him out of the spiral of destruction that brought him to the brink of death and he was admitted to one of the rehabilitation clinics of Julio Cesar Chavez.

The interpreter was discharged from the clinic in December 2020. Since then, began to remake itself outside the spotlight, although rumors of relapse and madness haunted him.

Ignoring speculation, focused on his health and spending time with his loved ones, Rafael Amaya gradually resumed both his career and his personal life.

The rebirth of Rafael Amaya

In 2021, he returned to acting with a role in Malverde, the patron saint. Later, it was confirmed that he would return to The lord of the skies to star in the highly anticipated eighth season of the series.

The character (Aurelio) gave me a lot, a lot, a lot of light, nothing more than I strayed into the dark. I got into that dark and sinister world to which I don’t want to return. They say that to know the light you have to know the darkness, so it was like that, ”she recently said in Red Hot.

“When you touch very dark sides of your life, you look for a way to survive. I am not a victim, I am a survivorI am a person who was lucky enough to see the light and to look for it and to have the courage, temperance and have the necessary guide ”, he added.

Now, The 45-year-old actor is in the prime of his life. He not only succeeds professionally in the skin of his iconic character, but also in the romantic field.

And it is that, after overcoming their addictions, the interpreter found love with the manager Maritza Ramos. The relationship, which he has had for two and a half years, fills him with great joy and enthusiasm.

“It is a relationship that I do not want to make it media, it is a personal relationship, I simply wanted to share that there is a woman, a faithful companion who has been with me through thick and thin and She is my partner, my accomplice and I owe her my life”, he stated.

What time does it open The Lord of the Skies 8?

The eighth season of The Lord of the heavens already premiered by the signal of Telemundoin the United States, with a double chapter last Tuesday, January 17, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Currently, the project is broadcast in this schedule from Monday to Friday. The new installment of Aurelio’s story is expected to reach Netflix Y Telemundo International Coming soon.

“My beautiful people, thank you for your welcome. Here I send you a message from heaven as the lord of the ratings, thanks to all my team, Telemundo, to those who believed in me and more importantly to those who did not. Thank you”, Amaya said through social networks after the project became the most viewed in the prime time of Hispanic television at its premiere.