The best 5 telenovelas available on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming platforms at the moment and that is why many soap operas are available there, and some of them are the most watched by subscribers.

The remake of the Mexican classic stars Sandra Echeverría, who plays two characters at the same time: Paola and Paulina, identical twin sisters who alter their identities to achieve economic and love goals.

With 25 episodes, the story available on Amazon is also a remake of the original, released in 1987. Here the lies and adventures of Catalina Creel are retraced, a shameless woman who hides a dark secret and in case it comes to light, she will be willing to kill anyone who betrays her.

This plot of Spanish origin that takes place on the border between Europe and Africa stars Hiba Abouk and Alex González and experienced a record audience on the Telecinco channel, where it ended with an outcome that few expected. All 31 episodes are available on the platform.

The Telemundo production revolves around two friends named Constanza Franco and Remedios Rivera, who after many years of marriage decide to separate and live new adventures for 100 days. However, what they do not imagine is that they will experience stories as incredible as they are unforgettable in all that time.

In the Spain of the 1920s everything is appearance, money and social status and it is precisely these ingredients that will prevent two young lovers from living their story, since they have everyone against them. The series has a duration of 39 chapters.

Remember that to see this content and all the others offered by the platform, you must have a paid subscription that in Mexico has a value of 99 pesos (almost five dollars).