The best horror series (according to critics) is on Netflix

Looking for a good horror series to follow right now? In addition to Queue 81, which has just been released on Netflix, there is another not to be missed, visible on the same platform.

Rotten Tomatoes has compiled every conceivable list of what’s coming out in 2021, and handed out a “Golden Tomato Award” for Best Horror Series. The first season of this Netflix production got the highest number of good reviews on the famous aggregator. Her name is Heading for Hell and confirmed that Korean titles have a lasting hold right now – that the success of The Squid Game was not an epiphenomenon.

With 97% positive reviews, Heading for Hell has therefore become the best horror series of 2021. If you’ve overlooked it (which sometimes happens), it’s yet to be discovered.

The story takes place in Seoul, where monsters appear one fine day and start killing people and then sending them to hell. A sect then arises, “the sect of the New Truth”, which explains to the terrified population that the victims are sinners who deserve God’s punishment. But a detective and a lawyer skeptical of these arguments seek to figure out the truth on their own.

The complete first season is available on Netflix and since there are only six episodes, you can watch it in one day.

Via GQ Spain