The best memes left by Bad Bunny’s song “Un Coco” when mentioning Rubí and Teresa – Diario La Página

Rubí and Teresa, two of the most memorable villains of Mexican soap operas, became a trend thanks to Bad Bunny, who on May 6 premiered his new record production entitled A Summer Without You and mentioned controversy in one of his songs. protagonists.

And it is that, Benito Martínez, the real name of the Puerto Rican, not only collaborated with great artists such as The Marias, Buscabulla and Bomba Estéreo for his most recent album, but also filled the lyrics of his music with all kinds of references to popular culture Latin American.

In this sense, it goes without saying that television melodramas have set a precedent over the years for multiple people and, at least in Mexico, it has become almost a tradition to accompany moments of daily life with the most passionate or dramatic that the big entertainment companies can offer.

It was so, Internet users did not stop reacting to the song Un coco, which speaks of heartbreak in a slightly unusual way:

“Your memory already weighs me down. You dressed up as Rubí and you were Teresa. But I’m a p * ndejo and I’m still interested “, is part of the verses that are heard.

The memes did not wait and several Twitter users shared their emotion:

The best memes left by Bad Bunny’s song “Un Coco” when mentioning Rubí and Teresa – Diario La Página
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“What I liked the most about the album was that it said: ‘you dressed up as Rubí and you were Teresa. Thanks for mentioning my moms.” “He gets excited in Mexican culture of novels,” wrote Internet users.

To understand the meaning of this reference, it should be remembered that Rubí is a soap opera that has had several versions over the years, however, one of the most famous was the one from 2004, which starred Bárbara Mori.

The original work was written by the queen of comics or also known as Yolanda Vargas Dulché in the year 1963 within the pages of the magazine Tears, laughter and love. Although there are two adaptations in telenovela format, one as a film and another as a series, the version produced by José Alberto Castro is considered the best.

It seems difficult to forget Bárbara Mori playing her most ruthless facet alongside actors like Eduardo Santamarina, Sebastián Rulli, Jacqueline Bracamontes or Ana Martín.

Users were excited (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter)

For her part, Teresa, which was also produced by José Alberto Castro, premiered in 2010 and Angelique Boyer was in charge of bringing the character to life. There, not only the tough personality of the actress would be what would make her unforgettable, but the intense feelings and hard moments that develop throughout the plot made her become a classic for fans of this type of content.

What is the relationship between Teresa and Rubí?

The similarities between the productions lie in the theme, since in both, the villains are extremely attractive, but from humble families. Therefore, their respective desires for improvement and wealth make them use their beauty to get what they want regardless of the consequences of their actions.

Given this, the fact that Bad Bunny had compared them could indicate that the woman he talks about in Un Coco appeared to be evil, but in reality it was much worse.

References to television excited users (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter)
(Photo: Screenshot/Twitter)