The best photos of Nicole Neumann’s controversial trip to Europe with her youngest daughters and without Indiana

Nicole Neuman She is experiencing conflictive days in the family internship, after her daughter Indiana, the eldest of the girls she had with Fabián Cubero, refused to spend the holidays with her.

It happens that, unlike her sisters, who traveled from Mar del Plata, where they were with Poroto Cubero, to Punta del Este, where they spent vacations with their mother, Indiana preferred to stay with the former soccer player, with Mica Viciconte and with her little brother Lucca .

After spending a few days in Punta del Este with her daughters Allegra and Sienna and her partner, the pilot Manu Urcera, who already offered her marriage, Nicole Neuman He undertook a trip to Europe with two of his daughters.

Nicole Neumann's vacation.
Nicole Neumann’s vacation in Spain. Photo: Instagram.

“Hello Spain”, he wrote Nicole Neumanjust arrived in Spain with Allegra and Sienna, who are the main protagonists of many of her photos that she has been sharing these days on her Instagram feed.

In addition, the model and host, together with her two daughters, were shown walking and enjoying passes through the streets of Valencia, where they are seen very warm during these days of European winter.

“Walking for me is the best way to get to know”, commented Nicole in another of his posts, while he was shown enjoying the City of Arts and Sciences, in the city of Valencia.