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    They say that “spring alters the blood”, but we assure you that the real reason for the high that is going to hit you is in the premieres that arrive on Netflix this April 2022. Among the novelties is the long-awaited return of ‘Elite’ and we already warned you that the next chapters are loaded with twists and will be marked by the presence of the new students who take over from Guzmán and Ander, absent in this batch. He is about the son of a successful soccer player and a rich girl who could be the clone of Paris Hilton. Both are played by Andre Lamoglia and Valentina Zenere.

    The distribution of ‘Ozarks’, our beloved Saul Goodman and, finally, we will savor the second installment of ‘Russian doll’. We think that the time would not come to find out if Nadia has been able to get out of that time loop that tormented her during the first installment. In addition, there will be new chapters of ‘Selling Sunset’ and a couple of documentaries that you cannot miss: ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ (April 15) and ‘The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unreleased Tapes’ (April 27). All this will be accompanied by the best movies.

    Netflix: series for April 2022

    Elite. T 5. April 8

    valentina zenere in a sequence


    The doors of Las Encinas reopen and with new registrations. Isadora and Iván arrive to revolutionize the lives of the old students who are still involved in the investigation of the crime that occurred in the last chapter of the last installment. We will see gap, rivalries and, of course, sex. And the thing does not end here because it will continue in the sixth batch.

    erotic lines. April 8

    scene series


    Throughout six chapters we delve into the story of a psychology student who, at the end of the eighties, begins to work in one of the first erotic lines in Europe. Thus, a new option is born to enjoy sex as never seen before.

    The heirs of the earth. April 15

    series scene


    Yon González, Elena Rivera, David Solans and Rodolfo Sancho star in this period fiction that takes place in Barcelona at the end of the 14th century. It recounts the adventures and problems that the protagonist encounters to be a shipbuilder, despite having the help of one of the most respected men in the city.

    Better Call Saul. T6. April 19th

    series scene


    When we met him on ‘Breaking Bad,’ we never imagined he would go this far, but he did. Saul is preparing to say goodbye, but not before giving us an exciting installment (divided into two parts) to which long-awaited characters could return. There will be important connections to the original drama…

    Russian doll. T2. 20 april

    protagonist scene


    The wait has been eternal, but we already have here the new episodes of season 2 of ‘Russian Doll’ with the great Natasha Lyonne at the helm. Now we see Nadia and Alan four years after they escaped from that loop, and now both will delve into their pasts through a time portal located at key locations in Manhattan. What begins as something exciting, ends up becoming a nightmare from which they must escape.

    Hunch. 20 april

    protagonists of the series


    A good soap opera is coming, starring Ana Lucía Domínguez, Miguel Brown and Sebastián Martínez, whose plot begins with the murder of the wife of one of the protagonists to remove her heart and give it to the wife of a millionaire.

    Kentaro is pregnant. April, the 21st



    The protagonist, a successful publicist, discovers that he is pregnant and from the positive, shows us how he has to deal with contrary opinions in his work, something that, together with the difficulties of pregnancy, will lead him to decide whether to continue or not.

    Heart stopper. April 22

    series scene


    Netflix’s new bet ‘teen’ shows us the story of two boys who fall in love and their evolution hand in hand with their inseparable friends.

    Ozarks. T4. April 29

    series scene


    We come to the end of the successful series with the last chapters. We will know the fate of the Byrdes and it seems that Ruth, the character played by Julia Garner (‘Who is Anna?’) will have a fundamental weight.

    Netflix: movies for April 2022

    movie scene

    Manolo Pavón

    Like every month, the platform surprises with its own production tapes such as‘The glass girls’ (April 8), the latest creation by Jota Linares and with Maria Pedraza at the head of the cast. The actress plays a ballerina who is selected to take the place of the dramatically deceased Ballet star. She will face the jealousy and evil of her classmates, while she takes refuge in another of the girls with whom she establishes a relationship as particular as it is obsessive.

    film image


    On the same day we will also attend the premiere of metal lords, teen film in which two colleagues want to create a ‘heavy metal’ group in a high school where only they like this type of music, so it will be difficult for them to find more members to face a battle of the bands. If you want to continue with the ‘teen’ marathon, the new film by Joe King: ‘Between life and death’. Her character suffers from the loss of her boyfriend in a car accident and believes that he is trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave. Melodrama!

    Other titles:

    ‘The bubble’. April 1st.
    ‘We’ll see’. April 1st.
    ‘A fantastic woman’. April 1st.
    ‘Poisonous inheritance’. April 10th.
    ‘Reckoning’. April 13th.
    ‘Choose or die’. April 15.
    ‘Mother’s Love’. April 29.

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