“The big celebrity atonement”: pee, poop and a princess in Zoff intoxication

“The Great Celebrity Penance”
Pipi, Kacka and a princess in Zoff intoxication

By Kai Butterweck

Under the Styrian sun, eleven reality stars fight for 50,000 euros and against their guilty conscience. Drag icon Olivia Jones is particularly interested in the latter, and asks every single C celebrity with a scowl to a “round of shame”.

Eleven reality TV stars with questionable manners, a winning suitcase with 50,000 euros and morality tamer Olivia Jones right in the middle: “The big celebrity penance” spectacle has not even started when the drooling fan of low television entertainment is already jumping for joy Triangle. At the foot of the Erzberg in the watery abyss of embarrassment, the trash TV elite faces their darkest demons. In the form of Olivia Jones, the bird of paradise, the guilty conscience takes a look behind the dusty scenes and ideally ensures a very special kind of cleaning process.

The gladiators are announced with distinctive subtitles. So the “bully from “Celebrities under Palm Trees” is just as much at the start as the “refusal from the “jungle camp” and the “choleric” of the reality shows”. In real life, the chosen ones listen to the names Elena Miras, Carina Spack, Helena Fürst , Ennesto Monté, Gisele Oppermann, Calvin Kleinen, Matthias Mangiapane, Simex, Daniel Köllerer, Daniele Negroni and Tessa Hövel.

“I’m here in the nuthouse!”

It doesn’t take long before there’s a real bang for the first time in the camp of sinners. After the candidates have survived the first night between corrugated iron walls, outhouses and rusty “The Walking Dead” props, docu-soap hiker Helena Fürst and “Jungle Camp” howling buoy Gisele Oppermann quarrel over the last breakfast banana. From one moment to the next, the sky over Styria darkens. “Fat shaming” and “eating egotism” fight each other almost to the death. Prince allergy sufferer Matthias also puts his hands in front of his face: “I’m in the loony bin here!” Snorts the native of Hesse with the short fuse.

A cold female voice from the off ends the first quarrel with the request to form two teams. In the muddy “hoop rugby” it should be decided which team has to serve the first collective penalty. But it won’t be that exciting. Only the spontaneous Neymar appearance of ex-DSDS candidate Daniele Negroni, who can be picked up by an RTW after a gentle knee bump to the head, causes the viewer at home on the couch to twitch for a short time.

Helena fights with everything that has legs

Fortunately, the ailing Daniele is back in camp shortly afterwards, healthy and happy. Meanwhile, the loser team has to come to terms with a twelve-hour shower ban – a circumstance that is annoying, but does not spread half as much bad mood as Helena Fürst’s quarrel performance, which increases every minute in terms of dynamics. In the meantime, not only Matthias and Gisele, but also Radau Princess Elena are at the top of Helena’s “What do you want from me?” list. Shortly before the two blustering ladies take the wrong tone, the director directs all available spotlights in the direction of the outdoor enclosure.

“Matthias, the round of shame awaits you now,” rang out the speakers. “I have no sympathy,” giggles muscle brother Calvin, while Matthias sets off with his head (still) held high. “Germany’s most easily recognizable silhouette” struts out of the darkness into the light. “Hello, my bunny!” Olivia Jones greets her first penance victim. Less than ten minutes later, Matthias, who had just presented himself with self-confidence and no guilt, has transformed into a thoughtful something that now seems to realize “that none of this should have happened like this”.

Matthias is in the pillory

We are talking about the appearance of foreign shame on “Celebrities under the Palms”, which was once discussed throughout Germany, in which Matthias bullied a certain Claudia Obert under the table according to all the rules of Fiesepeter art. “You dehumanized her then, portrayed her as an animal,” Olivia reproaches. As a punishment, Matthias is now allowed to take care of the disposal of the camp faeces.

After the first round of penance, pee, poo and the “tribunal of losers” are the focus of the action. In the “I pack my bags with bad qualities” challenge, five candidates failed to show stamina. Helena Fürst and influencer Tessa Hövel are also there and are sent into the exit game by the rest of the community. There, Helena proves far more catching talent than her competitor in the fiery Brennball spectacle and thus again narrowly misses being thrown out prematurely. Poor Tessa has to deal with that now. It won’t be the last difficult step. Half an hour earlier, colorful flamingo Olivia Jones put it in a nutshell: “You’ll all need a lot of fighting spirit here!” True words.