The Big Show: Chimène Badi forgets the words of her own song (ZAPTV)

Saturday, June 11, in The BigShowChimène Badi lent herself to the game of the hidden camera to surprise a fan, then she sang one of her songs to her… whose lyrics she has forgotten.

It was the first. Saturday June 11, France 2 broadcast for the first time The BigShownew program presented by Jarry, freshly poached from TF1. Program designed for “people watching tv”. “If I joined France Television, it’s for this show. For once we put forward people who watch TV”confided Jarry in an interview with the Parisian, a few hours before the broadcast. In the program : hidden cameras, happenings, surprises, reunions, trips to win as well as unexpected benefits. And for all his sequences, Jarry was able to count on the complicity of several artists such as Amir, who had fun doing a karaoke of his own songs, or Julie Zenatti, who agreed to do the bathroom singer ( literally: she sang in a bathtub).

Jarry: “Chimene, learn the words of your texts!”

Chimène Badi, she agreed to pretend to be a taxi driverhiding under a wig and sunglasses, to trap one of his fans, Céline. She drove him around Paris, even pretending that she didn’t have a permit, to bring him to the Marigny theater where the show was filmed. Then, she ended up revealing her identity, to the surprise of Céline, in tears.

Chimène Badi then agreed to sing her favorite song a capella The mirror… except that she forgot the words of her own title. “After that, I don’t know…”she said before making yogurt and “ba ba ba”. “Chimene, thank you a thousand times for making people happy”thanked Jarry, adding: But, Chimène, learn the words of your texts! To defend herself, Chimène Badi explained: “I haven’t sung it for a while”. It’s a good excuse.