The big show: Gisela Valcárcel responds to Magaly Medina after receiving criticism for inviting Melissa Paredes, Giuliana Rengifo and Dalia Durán | entertainment | NMR | SHOWS

The host Gisela Valcárcel turned to her Instagram account after the controversial premiere of her program “El gran show”, where Melissa Paredes, Giuliana Rengifo and Dalia Durán were presented as participants.

In her public message, the popular “Señito” said she was grateful to her followers, but also referred to her detractors.

“A thousand thanks to all those who lived and enjoyed the premiere of ‘El Gran Show’, a gala full of emotions, courage, silence, laughter and even tears. And it is that the moments that are not planned, the conversations that take place from within you will often lead you, as they do with me, to confront and even confront what you see, they will lead you to express what you feel and that can cause problems”, Indian.

Gisela asked her detractors to give their opinion on the content of her television space, but without offending: “Make sure you speak without offending, Facing does not mean demolishing the adversary, many times it is about expressing your opinion, saying what you think and continuing on your way, without losing your focus. Yesterday I spoke because there are many women in the world of TV or ‘show business’ who cannot defend themselves and who are singled out by society, which sometimes only has one version”.

“Having said this, they know that what follows is insults and attacks on me and my family, as I have already experienced. I know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” he added.

Finally, Gisela indicated that she will not talk about the Melissa Paredes case in “The Great Show”: “Yesterday speaking with Melissa Paredes, I said what I feel and I will not say anything else in the program that I lead. If I have something to say, I will do it from my networks, because here you can choose whether to follow me or not, and television will continue to serve so that I amuse you. Get ready for what’s to come! Thank you for your support, love and for the memes.

Gisela supports Melissa Paredes