The birthday present that Jhonny Rivera gave to Yeferson Cossio

Through his Instagram account, the popular music singer Jhonny Rivera spoke about the gift he gave to the influencer Yéferson Cossio, who recently celebrated his 28th birthday. Apparently, the artist took advantage of the content creator’s affinity for social activities to surprise him.

Through the dynamics of questions and answers, the interpreter of let’s start from scratch revealed that he reached a deal with the ‘influencer’ so that he could take advantage of a Rivera presentation and support a community, without conditions or limitations.

What is the gift you gave Cossio about?” Was the question that one of Rivera’s followers asked him on his social network, to which the singer replied: “You know him, he loves the work social, me too. I thought it was cool to tell him, well, take a presentation of mine, dispose of it and do the social work that comes to mind; and he has a lot on his mind”, he confirmed.

According to Rivera, the influencer He would already be thinking how to take advantage of the gift that the singer offered him, stating that after the announcement he already has several ideas in mind to support a community through Jhonny Rivera’s concert.

It is worth remembering that the singer recently visited the El Buen Pastor prison to share a moment full of music with the inmates and delight them with his Show. Likewise, he did not miss the opportunity and decided to have a special detail with them.

“I told them: ‘If they want, they give me a piece of paper with the name of the mother and the telephone number, and then I greet them on their behalf‘”, said the interpreter of The womanizer in their Instagram stories. Later, she showed the number of papers that the women gave her, as well as several camándulas; She even remembered that one of them “proposed marriage” and gave her a ring.

I promised that I would call the moms and sing a little bit for them, it hasn’t given me much, but I’m going to do it”, wrote the artist. In addition, he specified that he has the mission of calling, in total, 216 mothers.

Yéferson Cossio reveals how he celebrated his 28th birthday

Cossio published some details of the celebration on his social networks. In fact, The publication had a humorous comment from the influencer, where he pointed out that they had celebrated “the piñata”.

The birthday was thematic, since it included the decoration of the anime influencer favorite called Shingeki no Kyojin, Japanese manga series written and animated by Hajime Isayama. At the party there were also posters of the characters, colored bombs similar to those of the series, capes like those of the characters and a cake with the miniature characters.

Cossio also took the opportunity to show his followers some of the gifts he received during this day. Among them, a soccer shirt and an artistic presentation of the singer of music Johnny Rivera destined for a social work; It should be noted that Rivera was also present at the birthday.

The influencer also received other types of gifts, such as a duck that had lived in captivity, so it cannot survive in another environment. Regarding the gift, Cossio told his followers that he has 15 dogs, a cat, ten hedgehogs, a goat, a sheep, two chickens and now a duck.