The boyfriends that Anahí from RBD has had

Anahí is one of the most famous actresses in Mexico and also, over the years, was considered one of the most beautiful. That, plus the different jobs she did, made her get married several times, until she got married and started a family.

When both were chosen to be part of the soap opera Rebelde and later of the RBD group, they became a couple and this lasted practically the same time as the successful productions. Today both are very good friends and share time with the rest of the cast.

In 2008, when the RBD project ended, the actress met the hotel businessman, who is well known in Mexico. According to what the media “Quién” reports, the person who introduced them is called Pepe Díaz and was a mutual friend. The bond lasted only a few months.

The love between them was born in Spain, in 2009. According to what is known, the young businessman (of Lebanese origin) lived in the European country, but constantly traveled to Mexico to see the artist. Despite this, love did not prosper precisely because of the distance between them.

The politician and lawyer was the first man to become Anahí’s husband. They got married in 2015 and the news surprised the media, who found out when the event had already taken place and this was because they both wanted to do it in complete privacy. They had two sons named: Manuel and Emiliano.