The British series Heartstopper conquers the young audience – El Sol de México

After the summer holidays charlie spring (Joe Locke) returns to class. In a new school year he has to share a desk with Nick Nelsona red-haired boy, the most popular in school thanks to his rugby skills.

It only took a few seconds for Charlie would be crushed, however, there is something that prevents him from dreaming that a relationship can be born between the two, that Nick (Kit Connor) is straight, or at least that’s what he initially believes.

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It hasn’t even been released for a month yet, but the British series heart stopper It has already gone viral, it has even been in the top ten of the most watched on Netflix in recent weeks.

The story of two teenage boys who strike up a friendship, but which gradually turns into a totally unexpected romance, has conquered many viewers.

Unlike other youth series like euphoria either Eliteit does not delve into sexual relationships or drugs, on the contrary, it shows adolescents (with actors of that age) discovering themselves, defending their identity, dealing with criticism, bullying and highlights the support they receive from their friends, as well like family.

The project is based on Alice Oseman’s graphic novels, in fact, thanks to its popularity, the platform opted to create the series; the writer was involved in the adaptation process, script and supervised the production process.

In only eight 30-minute chapters, the emergence of the relationship between the protagonists is told; the reaction of friends and the environment.

The first episode also addresses the toxic relationship that Charlie keeps with benhope (Sebastian Croft), sneak around to avoid being singled out Ben as gay, inside the institute.

the chemistry between Nick Y Charlie It has convinced so much that some Internet users have questioned Connor’s sexuality, this after learning that Locke is part of the gay community. Through twitter, the 18-year-old actor expressed himself.

“Twitter is so funny, man. Apparently some people here know more about my sexuality than I do,” Connor wrote.

Diversity is immersed in the plot since, seasoned with youthful romance, there is also the character of elle argent, played by the trans actress Yasmin Finney and where precisely in fiction she describes the bullying that a trans girl suffers just for being different; on the other hand is gender non-binary Kizzy Edgell, who, through her character of Darcy recreate a love story with Tare (Corinna Brown).

One of the surprises was the participation of actress Olivia Colman, winner of an Oscar in 2019 for her work in The favourite and who in the plot plays Sarah Nelson, mother of Nick; she not only accepts her son for who he is, but she supports him in every decision he makes.

William Gao, Cormac Hyde-Corrin, Tobie Donovan and Rhea Norwood round out the cast. Euros Lyn works as director and Zorana Piggott as producer; the music is provided by Adiescar Chase.

According to the writer, this first season deals with the first two installments she created, of the four that are. It is expected that the fifth installment of the story will be available for the last quarter of the year.

His objective, as he has previously commented, is to raise awareness about the naturalness of things, stop everything related to the LGBT+ community from being a taboo subject and open the doors to tolerance.

Through social networks, Internet users have highlighted the importance of the series, in which homosexuals are not a source of ridicule or joke, as was represented years ago; They even pointed out that it represents that story that many would have liked to have when they were that age.

They also point out that it is important to talk about issues that affect many young people such as depression, trauma, family relationships and dependency.

It is still unknown if there will be a second season, which would address volumes three and four of the writer, in these, Charlie’s eating disorders and mental health would be a fundamental part of the story.