The bull that has ‘Toti’ Vergara in the pool and does not let her get in

The renowned Colombian model and actress Sofía Vergara caused a stir on social networks for her most recent video with which she caused grace among her more than 16 million followers.

In the 24-second short that Toti shared on her official Instagram account, the woman from Barranquilla is seen on a circular float, which has a bull in the middle.

Sofía appears on the scene on top of the float, but it swings from side to side and finally ends up between the space between the bull and the other part of it, which looks like a tire.

Meanwhile, the Barranquilla woman -who wears a white bathing suit, and who, moreover, is ad portas turning 50- he can’t stop laughing while he tries, in a valiant way, to get on without successtime after time, on the inflatable that is in the pool.

He even screams in the middle of the times he falls into the water trying to get back up. She remains submerged in place, she comes back and goes out to continue trying and there comes a point where she is supported by one leg on the bull, but she cannot stay on the back of the float.

In just 18 hours, the video reached 3,867,752 views, more than 449,000 likes and more than 3,300 comments, among which it is worth mentioning: “It looks difficult”; “Ride the bull as if you were going to the table”; “Who misses those Modern Family screams?”, “I would have fallen too. My little cousin has a pool float in the shape of a unicorn and I would go up and down in 2 seconds”, among others.

Likewise, Toti shared another post on Instagram in which he is seen on top of another float, but in the form of a jet ski. She there she uploaded two photos in which she is seen climbing the inflatable and in another in which she does not see her face, because her position is very leaning forward and her hair covers her face. And in her second post, she is not in a bathing suit, instead she has a red top and white pants.

The images were shared by Vergara, on July 4, when the United States celebrated its independence, taking advantage of the fact that the sun was shining and it was a perfect day to be in the pool for a while.

The Netflix series where the Colombian will be

On the other hand, the Barranquillera has shared, since the first months of this year, the Netflix project, the streaming platform on which she is working together with other Colombians such as Christian Tappan, Julieth Restrepo, Diego Trujillo, Orlando Pineda, Fredy Yate and even the artist of the moment, Karol G.

The film has been recorded in the state of California, specifically in Long Beach, as some of the aforementioned actors have shown, through Instagram stories. “Griselda” is the production that is based on the true story of Griselda Blanco, a Colombian drug trafficker, who was nicknamed ‘The Black Widow’.

Much of the cast of the Hollywood project has been happy to share the set with other talented actors. It is still unknown when the long-awaited series will air.