The candidate from Thailand arrives at Miss Universe with 14 suitcases and 150 suits

April 29, 2021, 11:51 AM

April 29, 2021, 11:51 AM

Social networks are filling up with photos that show the arrival of the more than 70 candidates who will participate in the 69th edition of miss Universe, to Hollywood (Florida, United States). The Miss Thailand, Amanda Obdam, grabbed headlines by arriving with 12 large and two extra-large suitcases, into which he entered nothing more than 150 outfits that he will wear in a week of competition.

Until now showed three of those looks and all worthy of a queen; The 27-year-old beauty is flawless from head to toe and everything she wears is designer. Even the mask that she wears is personalized and in tune.

And it is known that Asians take beauty pageants very seriously and winning the crown is an almost mandatory task for their delegates.

The campaign for Amanda even has its own social networks, where they detail their wardrobe daily for more than half a million followers. Dolce&Gabanna, Prada and Givenchy These are just some of the brands that she uses in terms of clothing, jewelry and accessories.

The Thai woman’s profile also adds points, as she is Graduated with honors in Business Administrationis co-founder of the sustainable clothing line Batika Studio, and works as Volunteer teaching English to children affected by the tsunami and in a campaign on mental health.