The Cannes Film Festival unveils the superb poster for the 75th edition which pays tribute to a superb 1998 film with Jim Carrey

A few days after presenting the selection of feature films that will premiere on the Croisette, the Cannes Film Festival has posted the official poster for its 75è edition which takes place from May 17 to 28. For this 2022 vintage, the biggest cinematic event on the planet has chosen Truman Burbank as its hero, played by Jim Carrey in The Truman Show in 1998. The image chosen is a scene located at the end of Peter Weir’s film during which the character discovers that his life has been nothing but a big masquerade, entirely staged on a movie set. “Steps that lead towards revelation. A poetic celebration of the elusive and freedom. An ascent to overlook the past and advance towards the promise of renewal”, announces the Festival in its communicated.

Produced by the Parisian visual creation studio Hartland Villa, the poster shows Truman Burbank facing a blue sky which is in fact only a wall. For the Cannes Film Festival, this image makes it possible to “touch the border between reality and its representation as much as [d’]questioning the powers of fiction, between manipulation and catharsis.” After a 2021 edition marked by health restrictions, moved to July in order to receive a large audience, the Cannes Film Festival intends this year to return to a normal configuration, welcoming the biggest stars on the planet (from Tom Cruise to Jean Dujardin) and the directors who will shape the future of the seventh art. On social networks, many moviegoers have welcomed the choice of this poster, both bright and refined.

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