the Challenge’, the reality show that Netflix announced about this series

the Netflix series the squid game will have a second season, as announced by the platform streamingafter the success of the first part of this story in the previous year.

In addition to the second season, Netflix also announced on its Twitter account that it will have a reality show based on this story.

“The biggest series in Netflix history becomes the biggest reality show in history. ‘The Squid Game: The Challenge’. Coming soon”, can be read in the trill of the platform, which is accompanied by a video that tells more details of the production.

In the post, Netflix also announces “the biggest prize ever” for the reality show, worth $4.56 million. Also, He stressed that there will be 456 participants in this.

“The biggest risk is not playing”, is another of the messages that Netflix publishes about this new reality that seeks to attract the attention of the followers of this series, who are also waiting for its second season.

According to the platform streaming, The Squid Game It became the most watched series in the history of this platform, with more than 1,650 million hours of reproduction worldwide.

Hwang Dong-hyuk is the writer and director of this production and said, “the squid game it is meant to be an allegory of modern society.”

Although the production premiered on September 17, 2021 on Netflix, this was written 13 years ago by Dong-hyuk, but had been shelved because of various problems the director encountered at the time. According to him, his inspiration was the Japanese comics of battle royale that I read in that year.

This series has nine chapters in its first season and is a South Korean production, which shows the story of hundreds of players who have no money and accept a somewhat strange invitation to compete in traditional children’s games of the culture. of this country to earn a large amount of money. However, the participants do not know that the fun they offer can kill them.

Sadness among the fans of ‘Betty, the Ugly’, the novel will leave Netflix

Ugly Betty has generated a worldwide addiction, it has even become one of the most viewed soap operas by users of the streaming platform. streaming, Netflix. The soap opera, which has more than 300 chapters and premiered more than 20 years ago, is in the top 10 of the most watched productions on that platform.

The Colombian production is seen by a young audience that has taken the opportunity to get to know it and also by adults, who saw it a few years ago and have wanted to repeat it so as not to miss any detail of this soap opera, which apparently has not gone out of style; However, the news is not good for those who watch the novel on Netflix.

Several fans of the production in Latin America They have mentioned on their social networks that by accessing the novel through the platform, it has announced the last date on which they will be able to enjoy the production. According to the information that appears in the description of the content of the novel, it will be available until July 10.

It is usual for Netflix to remove certain content from its platform, generally when it does not add views to its catalog; So far, the organization has not ruled on the production output of its platform.